Sherbrooke & Bulli Mountain Boat People


As part of our Sherbrooke on Bulli Mountain One Place Study, we have been trying to identify the origins of the people of Sherbrooke and Bulli Mountain prior to the 1902 – 1903 resumptions for Cataract Dam.

So far I have found that many came as free assisted immigrants from England or Ireland, others from Germany – one was a convict from England – some were Born in the Colony but their ancestors came as convicts from England, Scotland or Ireland. Has anyone been missed  ? Also can you help with where they came from and on which boat ? Thanks in advance

So far this is the list –

Origins of Bulli Mountain – Sherbrooke Families & Connections

  1. Bishop
    1. Samuel Bishop born Tipton Princes End, Tipton, Staffordshire
    2. Wife Mary McGann born Innes County Clare Ireland
  2. Blinkco
    1. George Blinkco born Swaffam Prior Cambridgeshire England – arrived on the Morayshire in 1856
    2. Wife Sarah Reeve born Stow Cum Quy Cambridgeshire England – arrived on the Alfred with her parents & siblings in 1857
  3. Bouren – Bourne
  4. Braisher
    1. John Braisher born Leeds Yorkshire & later lived at Dewsbury, Yorkshire
    2. Wife Maria Purser/Percher/Purcell from St Giles on Cripplegate area of London and lived at Dewsbury Yorkshire
  5. Brodie
    1. Greener Brodie
    2. Brother William Brodie – possibly at Sherbrooke
  6. Brown
  7. Candie
  8. Charlesworth
    1. David Charlesworth – convict
    2. Ireland arrived on the “Duchess of Northumberland” – one of the “Colonial Duchesses”
  9. Cram
  10. Cumming 
  11. De La Motte
  12. Dinning
  13. Dumbrell
  14. Fletcher
  15. Fritz
    1. Johann John Fritz from Volkersheim, Hildesheim, Niedersachsen Hesse Germany – arrived in Moreton Bay in 1856 as an assisted immigrant on the Isherbrook
    2. Wife Elizabeth Mary Shafer Schmidt from Baden Wuerttemburg Germany – arrived with her parents in Moreton Bay c. 1849 – 1857
  16.  Gorman
  17. Haberley
    1. John Jacob Haberley born in Bulli – his father
    2. Wife Mary Ann Blinkco – born in Sherbrooke to George & Sarah Blinkco
    3. Garrett Haberley born at sea on voyage from Germany
    4. Wife Eliza Jane Blinkco born in Sherbrooke to George & Sarah Blinkco
  18. Hale
  19. Hapgood
  20. Henning
  21. Hicks
    1. James Hicks, son of convict Richard Hicks and of convict Margaret Howe
    2. Wife Margaret Brain Daley, daughter of convict Thomas Brain and of convict Ann Daley
  22.  Hildebrand
  23. Hunt
  24. Irving
  25. Jones
  26. Keegan
  27. Keene
  28. Kimbrey
  29. King
  30. Knight
  31. Loveday
    1.  John Loveday from Beaconsfield England
  32.  Mant
    1. Henry Mant
  33. Martin
  34.  Middleton
  35.  Molloy
  36. Parmenter
  37. Parsons
  38. Reeve
    1. Henry Reeve born Stow Cum Quy Cambridgeshire England – arrived on the Alfred with wife & children in 1857
    2. Wife Margaret Morgan born Stow Cum Quy Cambridgeshire England – arrived on the Alfred with wife & children in 1857
      1. Sarah – see Blinkco
      2. Mary Ann – see Haberley
      3. John Reeve – wife Grace Johnson
  1. Smithers
  2. Spinks
    1. Edward Spinks – son of convict John Spink and of convict Ann Riley
    2. Wife Agnes Henry
      1. Agnes Spinks married Thomas Chilby, son of convict Thomas Chidley/Childerley/Chilby of Childerley and of convict Janet Stewart of Perthshire
    3. Staff
    4. Stafford
    5. Swan
    6. Vidler
      1. William Vidler from Sandhurst, Kent arrived as bounty immigrant 1838 on “Maitland
      2. Note – first wife Mary Copper died in England
    7. Wales
    8. Williams
    9. Wilson
    10. Winley
    11. Woods
    12. Wynn

Other Bulli Mountain Sherbrooke families may include :

  • Armstrong
  • Black
  • Campbell
  • Crowe
  • Eales
  • Flynn
  • Ford
  • Gaunt
  • Hacket
  • Jarrett
  • Longmore
  • McKay
  • Murray
  • Roberts
  • Robinson
  • Shanahan
  • Slocombe
  • Smith
  • Turnbull
  • Whitten

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Alan Harper on April 9, 2018 at 1:28 pm

    My grandmother Evelyn Maud Haberley was born Bulli, her father being Henry Christopher Haberley who was born Wurtemburg Germany and emigrated with his family, his father being John Gottlieb Haberley they sellted at Sherbrooke. Carpenter’s and undertakers I have discovered. Henry Christopher and his family came to WA and is buried in the Mt Morgans cemetery in the goldfields I have photos of the headstone and commemorative dome erected by my father Sydney Harper. Great to read some of those old articles, is there a fa.ily gathering this year
    Alan Harper


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