The Naming of Sherbrooke – who was Lord Sherbrooke ?

Viscount [Lord] Sherbrooke – by Pamela Rose McGovern

Robert Lowe[Lord Sherbrooke]was born on the 4th December  1811, Bingham, Nottinghamshire, England. He was an albino, with defective vision, and attended Oxford University where he excelled in his studies. He married Georgiana in 1836, and they decided to try their luck in Australia.

Lord Sherbrooke was a barrister of great intellect and eloquence. In 1844 his failed attempt to represent a guilty murderer, resulted in him personally adopting the two orphaned children of the murdered mother.

Robert Lowe - Viscount (Lord) Sherbrooke


In the crucial decade of the 1840s in N.S.W. no other single figure stands out more vividly in the tussle for responsible government than Lord Sherbrooke. He was also instrumental in rejecting the British Government’s 1849 intention to resume transportation of prisoners (exiles) to Sydney.

At the same time, he wrote a monumental report recommending a state supported, non-denominational system of schools, which became a reality many years later.

After spending eight very active years in Australia, Lord Sherbrooke, returned to England in 1850, along with his ailing wife Georgiana. and with Bobby and Polly Jamieson, his two adopted children.

Once back in England, there followed, many increasingly important roles including, Paymaster General, Council of Education, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Home Secretary, with the title of Viscount Sherbrooke bestowed upon him in 1880.

Lord Sherbrooke [Robert Lowe]died at Surrey, in England on the 27th July 1892.

Our beloved Sherbrooke was named after this eminently suitable and pivotal character.


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