4 Occupations & Activities

Many Sherbrooke people were farmers, there were orchards, some were in timber, some blackberry picking, a little tourist accommodation.  Also some lived in Sherbrooke but worked in the Old Bulli and South Bulli Mines down the Bulli Mountain.

Sherbrooke had its own Cricket Team, the Union Church, Progress Association and the Atheneum Debating Society which met in the Church. The Protestant Ministers from the coast would take it in turns to come up the mountain to conduct services in the Union Church – although there was a cemetery too, it was near a water course so not very suitable – so burials were done down at Wollongong, Bulli or Corrimal. The Union Church was built as a Public meeting place as well as chapel,  and so there were banquets and concerts in there too. And of course there was the Sherbrooke Public School.


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And for the women, there were the day to day activities of keeping house, drawing water from the well, the laundry, looking after the family – participating in Church, cooking for the banquets and concerts, probably helping on the farms and with the blackberry picking during the season, some even attended the Sherbrooke Athenium Debating Society on occasions. Not to mention the Wildflower Shows, often held to fund raise for various good causes – like local churches and cottage hospitals.

There were no shops nor pubs – however supplies were brought up from Bulli by the shopkeepers, or sometimes miners from Sherbrooke would take farm produce down in the morning and bring supplies back up the mountain after work. Some of the men would walk down Bulli Pass to go to one of the inns of Bulli, though there are whispers of some local stills up on the mountain.

Some of the Sherbrooke children became teachers and one of the Brown’s was even an officer with the Water Board at the time of the resumption for Cataract Dam.

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