Sherbrooke’s Schools

Under Construction

Sherbrooke had two schools – the better known Sandstone building was the second in the village- click to see images on Trove. It remained after the resumption of the village for the construction of Cataract Dam, being used by the Rangers until its demise in the destructive 1968 bushfires. The Chamberlain’s, who had the Bulli Lookout Devonshire Tea Room and Kiosk, used to deliver groceries to the Rangers at the old Sherbrooke School, and so have a charming collection of photographs of the school. For most people the area was off limits. According to the Illawarra Historical Society Bulletinin 1970, the Metropolitan Water Board called for tenders for the building’s removal after the 1968 bushfire, and some debate in 1969,  and a tender for $125 was accepted – click here.

Some say the first school had been constructed by 1869. Other information suggests that the first school was proposed in 1872 and was operational in 1874, described as being constructed of sawn timber and shingles. Despite stories of it being destroyed by bushfire, it was still in existence at the time of the opening of the new Sandstone School in 1883 , after tenders were called for in 1882 – with so many toasts to all and sundry at the opening of the new building. The sandstone building was constructed by Wilson and Walker of Sydney who also had the contract for Bulli Court House, Wollongong Court House, Kiama Lockup and additions to Bulli Public School. In 1884, there was talk of an evening public school in the building.


Sherbrooke School pupils - 1880 included Annie Wale

Sherbrooke School pupils – 1880 included Annie Wale


The Teachers of Sherbrooke

with every little digging into Trove, a few more teachers at this school seem to emerge ….

Sherbrooke School

Sherbrooke School


Cataract Dam School

  • 1903 – Charles P Norman
  • 1907 – Albert W Hughes

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