3 Sherbrooke – Ferndale – Bulli Mountain Families

There were 16 families considered the core of Sherbrooke including the Spinks-Jones, whose descendant Sandra Jones & her family photographic collection that has inspired this site. Of course there were other families associated with Bulli Mountain – Sherbrooke over the period from 1850’s to 1902 before the resumption by the NSW State Government for Cataract Dam.

We’ve tried to map the interconnecting families  …

Sherbrooke Families or One Big Family V.4

Sherbrooke Families or One Big Family V.4


Below is  a list of family names associated with Sherbrooke (residents and landowners) from Westy Hapgood’s book. A list of the families living on Bulli Mountain can be found in Greville’s 1872 Directory.

Sherbrooke - centre Charles Edward Jones on his wedding day - from Jones Family of Sherbrooke - Source : Sandra Jones

Centre Charles Edward Jones on his wedding day – Jones Family of Sherbrooke Collection –

Source : Sandra Jones

and if we have missed your Sherbrooke Family name in this list – please send an email to kcact@tpg.com.au so we can fix up our oversight …

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Judy kimby on April 27, 2015 at 9:04 pm

    Looking for Downie and Blinking families


    • hi Judy we have a volunteer in the Black Diamond Museum who is descended from the Downie family of Woonona and Bulli – they may have gone up to Sherbrooke but I don’t think they were a Sherbrooke family. One of my Hicks – McEwan family also married into the Downie’s.

      Now as for the Blinking family – could they be the Blinkco family ? There are various spellings for the name – but you will find information on the Blinkco family on our website here.
      The Downie’s and Blinkco’s are in the Illawarra Pioneers pre 1920 book which is available at the Black Diamond Heritage Centre Museum in Bulli.

      Do you have any other information to help answer your query ?

      Kerrie Anne Christian
      Sherbrooke Sisters


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