Blinkco Family – Cavill – Fritz – Haberley – Martin

Sarah Blinkco nee Reeve (1842- 1921) was the eldest child of Henry Reeve was born 1842 in Stow Cum Quy Cambridge UK and his wife Margaret Morgan (marriage 1841).

Henry Margaret Reeve

Henry & Margaret Reeve

Sarah and her family left Stowe Cum Quy in Cambridge to emigrate to Australia in 1857, on the “Alfred”. Sarah married George Robert  Blinkco (1837 Swaffam Prior Cambridgeshire – 1889 registerd Woonona- Obituary) in 1858 and they lived at Sherbrooke, with Orchards, and raising their children there. George had arrived in Australia in 1856 on the “Morayshire” and gone to Wollongong, around the time that coal mining activity was beginning to expand in the NSW Southern Districts Coalfields.

The extended Blinkco family network, including Haberley‘s and Fritz’s,  were active in the community life of Sherbrooke, prior to its resumption for Cataract Dam eg the Union Chapel (1885 – 1895), Other family connections were Martin, Fletcher and Cavill. Activities included Wildflower Show committees (1885), Cricket (1886  & 1895), Progress Association (1891), School (1893), Debating Club – included politics (1893) & banquets (1893), helping community rebuilding of  Wales home lost in a fire (1895).

After George’s death, Sarah continued to manage their family property at Sherbrooke, until its eventual sale to the Sydney Water Board for siting of the Cataract Dam. Purchased new land at Woonona. – source  IFHG – Illawarra Pioneers Pre 1900. At the time of her death, Sarah was living at Fords Rd Thirroul, according to her obituary.

The  Blinkco battle for full compensation to also cover coal rights was still under way in the courts in  1906. After the resumption for Cataract Dam, many of the Blinkco’s extended family moved to the High St Woonona area.

Below are descendants of George and Sarah Blinkco  :

  • Mary Ann Blinkco (b. 1859 Sherbrooke -d. 1915  Bulli) married in 1879 to John Jacob Haberley  (b. 1859 Bulli – d. 1927 Portland). John Jacob was of the Bulli Builder and Undertaking family located opposite the former Catholic Church in Slacky Flat. Mary Ann and John Jacob were at Sherbrooke in 1885. John Jacob  also journeyed down the mountain to the inn’s of Bulli to enjoy “a quiet one” , resulting in a heated situation (1892 ). They were one of the families who faced resumption for the Cataract Dam construction in 1902, and John Jacob was part of 1903 deputation who met with the Minister for Works over the proposed resumptions (1903).  After the resumption they lived in Gray St Woonona. John Jacob  was active in various Sherbrooke activities such as the Sherbrooke Progress Association, Athenaeum Debating Society, Union Church and the Sherbrooke Flower Shows
    • Ada Florence Haberley b. 1880 – d. 1964 Bulli married in 1900 to Thomas George  Fritz ( b. 1873 Wollongong – d. 1956 Bulli) – son of Johannes “John” Fritz (b. 1826 or 1837 – d. 1875) and wife Elizabetha Mary Schafer Smith/Schmidt  (b. 1828 or 1830 Baden – d. 1919) – who lived in Hopetoun St Bulli – was there a marriage of Mary Fritz to Eleazer King Snr  in 1879 ?
      • Jacob John Fritz b. 1901 – d. 1901
    • George Henry Haberley, a miner b. 1882 married 24.3.1905 Zayda Haswell (b.1884 Oberon – d. 19.12.1944)  daughter of Frederick Haswell and Elvina Kirk. George had tried to enlist in WW1, but was rejected on health grounds.
      • Ida Athelia F Haberley married (1) Ambrose Dickings in 1922 and following his 1924 death, she married (2) Eugene J Buckman
        •  Doreen Zayda Dickings married (1) Edward William Chambers and (2) Raymond Arthur McCarron
        • Son Douglas Alfred Dickings was living at 15 Smith St Mascot in 1944 – informant of his grandmother Zayda’s death in 1944. He married Nola Ethel Green.
          • Ian Douglas Dickings married Colleen Frances ?
    • Garrett Josiah Haberley birth was registered in 1883 Sherbrooke  – d. 27.12.1944 (1)
    • Ivy Olive (birth registered in NSW BDM as Hivey O) Haberley b. 1885 – d.1915 never married
    • Ella Beatrice Sarah Haberley b. 1887 – d. 1921 married Alexander R Howson – d. 1925 aged 41 years – he was living at Soudan St Thirroul at the time of his death. Alexander was the second son of Richard Howson of Thirroul. After Alexander’s death in 1925, there were 4 children aged 8 – 17 years left as orphans –
      • Ella Haberley b. 1905 d. 1905
      • Jacob John Howson b. 1908 – d.1970 Wollongong – in 1938 probate had been granted for his father’s estate – he was living in High St Woonona at the time of the granting. Jacob John Howson b. 1908 – d. 1970 in Bulli – in 1938 probate had been granted for his father’s estate – he was living in 8 High St Woonona at the time of the granting – married in 1928 to Dorothy Mary Ward (b.1910 – )
        • Irene Fay Howson (b.1935 – d.1963)
        • Janice Howson (b.1938 – d. 1978)
        • 1954 – Owen Howson is an employee of the Coop at Woonona –son of Jacob Howson of High St Woonona and engaged to Kathleen Mary Gordon of Stanhope St Woonona – married in 1955
        • Possibly 2 other children ?
      • Richard Robert Howson b. 1910 – d. 1970 Wollongong married Lavinia A Nobes
      • Alexander Raymond Howson b. 1912 – d. 1994
      • George Henry Howson b. 1917 – d. 1996
    •  Ruby Christina Haberley b. 1888 -d 1950 Bulli married in 1911. to Richard Howson coal miner – d. 1952 – he was living in Russell St Woonona at the time. Death of Ruby Christina Howson aged 61 years of Russell St Woonona, in 1950, wife of Richard Howson, mother of Donald and Marjorie. She had a building approval in 1940. Her son Donald Howson of 12 Albert St Woonona, died in 1953, husband of Joyce Suddick (?), father of Diane and Dale – brother of Marjorie. Probate . In 1946 Richard Howson of Russell St Woonona and Main Roads employee was seriously injured when pipes rolled onto him and another employee when two trucks collided near where they were working at Russell Vale. There were no beds at Coledale nor Bulli Hospital so he was rushed to Royal Alfred Hospital Sydney with a compound fracture of the skull. 1952 – Death of Richard Howson of Russell St Woonona
      • Myrtle Howson – d. 1916  in Bulli
      • Richard R Howson – d.1921 in Bulli
      • Marjorie Olive Howson b. 9.3.1920 Dorrigo – d. 22.8.1997 Thirroul – married in 1955 to Alan Warran(e)  Privett b. 22.5.1914  d.9.5.1990 Thirroul – they are buried at Scarborough Cemetery Anglican 2 Row F Plot 7. Alan was the son of Hedley Privett Snr, and brother of Hedley Privett Jnr, and Ida Privett – they were living in Arthur St Thirroul
        • Son Privett
        • Daughter Privett
      • Donald Howson b. 1927 Woonona – d. 4.10.1953 in Sydney  – engaged to and married Joyce Richardson Suddick in 1948 – they were living at Albert Street Corrimal at the time of his death. 1946 Ronald (Donald?) Howson of Russell St Woonona convicted on illegal fishing in the catchment. Following Donald’s death in 1953, Joyce remarried to Ronald Noel Ryall in 1954.
        • Diane Howson
        • Dale Howson
    • Raymond Spencer Haberley b. 1891 Woonona  d. 1968 – married Charlotte E Brown.
      • George Reginald Haberley
      • Frederick William Haberley
      • Valerie Joyce Haberley married Frederick Thomas Worth at Bulli in1956
    • Reginald T Haberley b. 1893 – married Minnie Seymour
  • Eliza Jane Blinkco (b. 1863  – d.1926) married in 1889 to Garrett Haberley (born  at sea 1858 – d. 1939 Woonona)  (one of over 200 involved in rescue in 1887 Bulli Mine Disaster) they lived at Woonona after the resumption and later Garrett was involved in establishing Woonona Workmen’s Club (1906) – some of the family may have moved later to Coledale also.
    Eliza Jane and Garrett Josiah Haberley - courtesy of Susannah Cavill collectoin

    Eliza Jane and Garrett Josiah Haberley – courtesy of Susannah Cavill collectoin

    • Henry George Haberley (aka George Henry Haberley) b. 1890 Woonona – d. 1950 in Bulli  – never married
    • Elizabeth Mathilda  Haberley b 1891 d. 1950 in Bulli married John Morris in 1912
      • Eliza A Morris b. 1912  Woonona  d. 1912 Woonona
      • Edna Morris b. 1914 Bulli married in 1933 to William J Coulter
      • Ada Morris d. 1918 Bulli
      • Dorothy A Morris d. 1925
    • Archibald “Archie” Edward Haberley b. 1893 – d. 1960 Bulli – lived in Hopetoun St Bulli (now in Woonona) – married Myrtle I Kelly
      • Harold Edward Haberley b. 1922 – d.1974
    • Charles Haberley, Miner, b. 1895 – d. 1951 – married Emma J Kiernan b. 1899  – d.1978 in Sydney in 1922 in Sydney
      • Irene Ivy (Oliver) Haberley – d. 1981 married in 1939 to John Albert Fowler – lived in North Wollongong
        • Janette Fowler b. 1942
      • Joseph Charles Haberley b. 1923 – d. 1986 – married in 1945 to Flora McDonald Thornton – living in North Wollongong
    • Evelyn Violet Haberley b.1896 d. 1956 married Jonas Andreas Lundman, Rigger and Dogman,  in Sydney 27.6.1923. Jonas was the son of Peter Lundman and Matilda Larson – and was born about 1889 in Pito Sweden. He emigrated to Australia about 1864 aged 25 years and died 16.2.1942 in Hornsby due to an industrial accident
      • Jonas A Lundman b about 1925
      • Peter Anton Lundman b 1.6.1927 married (1) Alice Jean Batty
        • ? Lundman
        • ? Lundman
        • Peter John Lundman b. 1951 at Summerhill
        • Lindy ?
      • Peter Anton Lundman  married (2) Gloria Dawn Laidlaw O’Donnell (who was previously married to James Frederick Hilton Laws with a daughter Irene Gayle Laws who married Paul John Fitzgerald)
        • Karen Lundman
        • Kerry Lundman
      • Unknown Lundman d. before 1942
        • Florence M Haberley b.1898 married Francis Carroll
    • Richard Haberley b. 1905 d. 1905 Woonona
  • Sarah (b.1863 – )
  • John Jeffrey Blinkco  (b 1866 – d. 1932) – lived in High St and later  Gray St  Woonona after the resumption

    Gravestone of John Jeffrey Blinkco

    Gravestone of John Jeffrey Blinkco

  • George Henry Blinkco, Labourer (b. 1868 – d. 1946) – part of 1903 deputation who met with the Minister for Works over the proposed resumptions (1903) – later lived in High St and Gahans Lane  Woonona after resumption. He did not marry.
  • William Charles Blinkco  (b. 1870 – d. 1942) married Edith May Conroy ( – d. 1971)and lived in High St Woonona after resumption. William Blinkco’s family are featured at the Black Diamond Heritage Centre Bulli, viz its “Blinkco Room.
    William Blinkco and Edith Conroy on their wedding day

    William Blinkco and Edith Conroy on their wedding day

    • Edith May Blinkco b. 1908 d. 1996 married Thomas H Stannard
    • Elsie Ina Blinkco b. 1911 d. 1996 . – living in Auburn in 1947
    • Rita Jane Blinkco b. 1914 d. 1998 – living in Auburn in 1947
    • Alice Sarah Blinkco b. 1914 d. 2000 married in 1941 to Walter John Williams (1899 – 1943) – lived in Sydney till at least 1972
    • Albert Edward Blinkco, Labourer b. 1916 d. 2002 in Woonona married in 1939 to Rachel Laurel Ticehurst – divorced in 1954
    • Stanley Blinkco b. 1919 d. 1928
    • Isabel Agnes Blinkco b. 1921 d. 1939 Bulli Hospital – also known as Agnes Isobel
  • Elizabeth Margaret Blinkco (b.1873 – d.1926) married in 1890 to John Joseph Fritz ( – d. 1951) John was part of 1903 deputation who met with the Minister for Works over the proposed resumptions (1903) – John Fritz’s  family may have been from Mt Kembla in 1860’s , but in 1885 they were at Sherbrooke. In 1900 John was injured when felling trees for the Knight saw mill – Elizabeth and John Fritz lived in Woonona after the resumption. Possibly John Fritz was a son of  the John Fritz who arrived in Sydney on the Isherbrook in 1856 as an Assisted Immigrant, and became a Farm Labourer/Shepherd  at American Creek (Figtree). He lived at various places including Dapto, Farmborough, Bulli and Woonona Range (Sherbrooke?) – according to the Illawarra Family History Group’s Illawarra Pioneers Pre 1920
    • Note – there is some confusion with another Fritz couple who married in 1892 ie Paul Louis John Fritz and Margaret Helen Rose Byrman in Sydney. The Illawarra Family However I have sighted Paul Louis John Fritz’s 1922 death certificate which mentions that his wife was Margaret Byrman, that he was buried at Woronora, that he was born in Germany, his father’s name was William, and that he had been in NSW for 35 years
    • Note – the information with respect to John Fritz in the Illawarra Family History Group’s Illawarra Pioneers  has his wife as Elizabeth Margaret Byrman – and as such that information may be erroneous.
    •  Albert Edwin Fritz b. 1892 – d. 1926 married in 1921 to Clara Winley (1894 – 1967)  (daughter of Joseph Winley and wife Margaret Jane Simpson) – they were living in Campbell St in 1926. After Albert’s 1926 death in an industrial accident at the Wollongong Brickworks, Clara remarried in 1933 to Anthony Ambrose Williamson (1906 – 1962)
      • Edsen John Fritz Mechanic and Postmaster, b. before 1926 – d. married in 1945 to Sheila Louisa Andrews
        • Beryl married
          • children
      • Colleen Edith Fritz b. 1926 – lived at Russell St Woonona
    • Laura M Fritz b. 1899 – d. 1931
    • Minnie E Fritz b. 1900 – d. 1932
    • Elsie Irene Fritz b. 1904 d. 1956 married in 1923 to Henry Oldroyd – d. 1966 Bulli
    • Herbert Arthur  Fritz b. 1910 – d. 1957 married in 1940 to Hilda Lilian Loveday (b. 1906 – ) daughter of Samuel and Mary Loveday, also of Sherbrooke – Herbert and Hilda lived at Thompson St Woonona
      • Raymond John  Fritz married  Kristina Ellen
    • Stanley John Fritz b. 1911 – may not have married – served in the Army in 1941 in the 34th Battalion but was not deployed overseas – N265450
  • Charles Robert Blinkco, Coalminer  (b. 1875 in Sherbrooke – d. Bulli 1948) married Harriet Ann Fletcher  also of Sherbrooke – was working at Old Bulli Mine in 1900 where he was injured – lived in High St Woonona after the resumption and Harriet worked for a time as a domestic for the Glass Family BLINKCO, Charles Robert William
    • Sarah Elizabeth Gwendoline Blinkco 1901 – 1982 married in 1927 to Keith Charles Taylor, (b. 1899  – d. 1950) – Deputy at Bellambi Colliery and Warden of St Augustine’s Bulli – lived at Farrell Road, Woonona (now Bulli) – served in Volunteers in WW2  – N339448
      • Dorothy  Taylor possibly married Alan David Stewart or Henry Archibald White
      • Robert Taylor
    • Jessie Winifred Blinkco 1903 – 1983 married in 1922 to John Vincent Barnes (- d.1981)
      • 2 children
      • Son
        • Son
    • Charles A Robert Blinkco 1905 – 1948  – known as Leonard Ralph Fletcher – married (1) Katherine Puckeridge in 1926  and married (2) Mary Agnus Smith in 1931
      • 10 children including
      • Emily Maude Blinkco 1907 – 1981 married Thomas Reed Johnson
        • 1 child
      • Doris Isobel Blinkco 1909 – married Leo Smythe
        • 1 child
      • Ethel M Blinkco 1912 – married in 1934 to Ronald Arthur Byron
        • 1 child
      • Joyce Ann Blinkco b. 1919 – married in 1940 to Stanley J G Luttrell
        •  Ann
        •  Arthur
        • Christine
        •  Elizabeth
      • Gwendoline Blinkco
  • Ada Francis Blinkco (b.1878 – d.1930) married Thomas C. Martin  (son of Joseph and Mary Martin)  – the Martins were later in Woonona and Fords Rd Thirroul after the resumptions – after Ada’s death Thomas married Gladys Maxwell
  • Josiah Blinkco (b.1880-d.1882)

    Gravestone of Josiah Blinkco, with his parents, George & Sarah

    Gravestone of Josiah Blinkco, with his parents, George & Sarah

  • Ethel May Blinkco (b. 1884-d.1912) married Syrah Cavill, a miner. The Cavill’s later lived around Gahan’s Lane and Popes Rd Woonona.
    • Ada Francis Cavill – died tragically after burns in 1913 – 1913,  aged 2.5 years who lived with Mrs Robert Howson of Woonona, died at the home of a Mrs Haberley of Woonona – her mother had died some months earlier.
    • Syrah “Syrey” Cavill Jnr became a Postmaster. Syrah Jnr used to refer to his cousins, the daughters of William Charles and Edith Blinkco, as “The Blinkco Girls“, according to his daughter Susannah Cavill.
      • Susannah Cavill, one of the “Sherbrooke Sisters,”  lives in Woonona and is Vice President of the Illawarra Family History Group.
  • Emily Avis Blinkco (b.1887-d.1964) married in 1906 to William Henry  Martin, a carpenter (son of Joseph and Mary Martin) – they lived in Thirroul (1932) and but by 1935 they were living at Hopetoun St, Bulli-Woonona, with Emily still at Woonona (1949) area

    Emily and Henry Martin with baby Evelyn - courtesy of Susannah Cavill collection

    Emily and Henry Martin with baby Evelyn – courtesy of Susannah Cavill collection

Note – the name Blinkco name has been recorded in different ways over the years – including Blinco, Blincko, Blinkers and derives from “Blencow”, a village near Penrith,Cumbria, in the UK. There is an international association of Blencowe’s and an Australian branch of the association called “Blencowes Downunder and their own newsletter also called “Blencowe’s Downunder“.  They hold periodic reunions, including the 2007  Blinkco-Reeve event held in Bulli and Woonona.

Note – Blinkco Cavill family members remain in the Illawarra – and a number of photos have been shared of the Cavill family.

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Some of these Cavill photos below are yet to be identified – perhaps you can help ?

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