Braisher Family

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On Sunday April 12 2015, the Black Diamond Heritage Centre had a visit by the Hanes family, descendants of the Braisher’s.

They mentioned that the Braisher‘s were associated with Sherbrooke and Mt Kembla, even that a Braisher had been a victim in one of the Mount Kembla Disaster 1902. They also showed a map with Braisher’s Track running from Sherbrooke down to near the back of Corrimal – Russell Vale – connecting into the Rixons Mail Cart Road. The map has an annotation that it was from West Hapgood‘s book on Sherbrooke, “Deep Valleys, Tall Trees Tough Men and Women“. (Note this map does not appear in the second edition, with West and Graeme Stewart as co-authors. Perhaps it was in the original edition ?)

It is now understood that John Braisher and his family lived west of Elizabeth Letitia Wilson‘s Glenisla Boarding House at Sherbrooke on Bulli Mountain, ie west of the Cataract River and also west of most Sherbrooke properties.The descendants of John Braisher have graciously made the map available to the Museum to use – see below.

Sherbrooke - Braishers Track

Sherbrooke at time of resumption - Lots 128, 129, 150, 151, 157

Sherbrooke at time of resumption – Lots 128, 129, 150, 151, 157

I had read only the day before that a William Loveday had married a Louisa Braisher, and that their son Albert Henry Loveday had died of pneumonia and was buried at sea on July 17 1915. He is commemorated at the Chatby Memorial in Alexandria, Egypt. Indeed he is one of Sherbrooke’s sons lost in WW1. In fact his brother Ross Loveday also died in WW1, although cousins Lomas and George Fishlock survived as did their Bunker cousin, Albert Edward Bunker.

I had not previously known much of the Braisher family – though there had been mentions of a fundraiser by the Sherbrooke folk for a Ben Braisher.

Note that there is an alternative spelling of Brashier and perhaps Brasher.

So who were they ? What were their stories ? They seem to have been associated with Dapto, Mt Kembla, Sherbrooke, Bulli, Balgownie, The Cross Roads – Garden Hill, Woonona and active in shooting, Wallaby Drives, farming, orchards, mining and billiards .. one William Braisher seems to have been a contemporary of the famed international sculler, William Beach of Brownsville.

The following timeline gives a glimpse of their existence in the second half of the 19th Century including at Sherbrooke

  • 22.2.1873 – a Pigeon Shoot at William Braisher’s in West Dapto
  • 29.7.1873 – William Braisher shooting at Brown‘s of Dapto – mentions William‘s brother James Braisher
  • 4.12.1877 – Pigeon Shoot challenge William Braisher of Garden Hill
  • 29.3.1878William Braisher‘s cattle and farming implements at the Cross Roads are being sold by Osborne & Co.
  • 16.9.1879William Braisher – shooting challenge
  • 21.10.1879 – 24.10.1879 – Bell responds to William Braisher‘s pigeon shoot challenge at Bulli or Coalcliff
  • 4.12.1887 William Braisher of Garden Hill Wollongong issues challenges to a Pigeon Shoot at Dapto
  • 21.12.1879 – Bell responds to a pigeon challenge by William Braisher – to be held at Bulli at Dwyer’s Hotel
  • 2.4.1880  6.4.1880 – William Brashier is selling cattle at Balgownie
  • 22.2.1881 – Messrs Braisher, Senior (John ?) and Junior (son William – James – Benjamin ?) with Aquila Parsons had an adventurous time between Cordeaux and Menangle
  • 14.7.1882 – a Wallaby Drive at Loveday‘s (Sherbrooke) and the next one to be held at Braisher’s. ie starting in the western parts of Sherbrooke
  • 30.11.1883William Braisher contributes to fencing costs of burial ground at American Creek
  • 21.5.1885 – 21.5.1885 – 26.5.1885 – Sherbrooke fundraiser for Ben Braisher – he had been living in Wollongong earlier in the 1880’s and had returned to his father’s Stringybark home
  • 12.10.188720.12.1887 – John Braisher of Woonona has Stringybark Orchard on the market to be sold
  • 28.2.1888 – young Emily Braisher was giving evidence in a court case at Mt Kembla
  • 30.1888 James Braisher seriously injured in accident at Mt Kembla Colliery
  • 23.3.1888James Braisher was on the jury at the inquest into the death of Hugh Dobbie at Mt Kembla Colliery
  • 7.3.1889 William Braisher was charged for being in possession of 7 Quail outside the shooting season
  • 29.11.18881.12.1888 – William Braisher calls for tenders to build a cottage at Woonona
  • 16.2.1889 William Braisher was on the jury at the inquest into the death of Andrew Tresidder, who was killed in a rock fall at South Bulli Colliery
  • 15.10.1889 & 17.10.1889 William Braisher appears to be a colleague of William Beach in Pigeon Shoot match at Braddock’s hotel in Unanderra
  • 5.12.188917.12.1889 – 19.12.1889William Braisher is selling land adjoining Woonona Public School
  • 22.2.1890 William Braisher is contractor for snagging Mullet Creek
  • 9.6.1896William Braisher of Camden is selling cattle at Dapto
  • 10.8.1901William Braisher wins at shooting
  • 14.9.1901Braisher payment for work done for Central Illawarra Council
  • 5.10.1901William Braisher still competing at shooting and referred to as an old competitor
  • 22.3.1902William Braisher,  William Beach and Quinn compete at Shooting at Dapto
  • 31.7.1902 – William Brasher (Braisher) killed in the Mt Kembla Mine Disaster of 1902
  • 1.8.1902 – 2.8.1902Jim Braisher one of the miners rescued in the Mt Kembla Mine Disaster of 1902
  • 5.11.1904Mrs Braisher‘s livestock is sold at Dapto
  • 5.8.1905J Braisher competing at Billiards at Kembla Heights
  • 16.7.1915Braisher payment for work done for Central Illawarra Council
  • July 1915 – Death by pneumonia at sea of WW1’s 25th Battalion member, Albert Henry Loveday,  son of Louisa Loveday nee Braisher and her husband William Loveday.  Albert  is commemorated in Egypt.
  • 1916 – Death by illness in Birmingham England of Ross Loveday, brother of Albert Henry Loveday in WW1

And yet there must have been more – most 19th Century families had more than one child ?


Much of the information below was compiled from the 2002 listing of the Braisher Family Listing, compiled by Max Negel (Helensburgh) and Rex Negel – ie for the branch of William Braisher, which the Hanes family kindly supplied.

I have added details for his siblings Mary Ann, James, Benjamin, Charlotte, Harriet and Louisa – still checking out the potential for another sibling George :

George BRASHER. Labourer – Married Charlotte Brigier 

  • John BRASHER (BRAISHER. BRAZIER. BRASIER) Farm Labourer, Farmer (1850), later Orchardist of Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England. Religion: Independent. Immigration records state that be could read but not write. Born in 1808 at Leeds, Yorkshire, England (from Death Certificate), – note born in 1812 (According to immigration records.) Died on May 10, 1896, aged 88, at Burwood, Sydney, NSW   Buried on May 12, 1896 at the Wesleyan Cemetery, Section 3B, Grave 272, Rookwood,   Sydney NSW by Captain Taylor of the Salvation Army Sect 4th . He was  married as Brasier on November 2, 1843, aged 35 years, at St. Giles on Cripplegate, C/E East London, England  Maria PURSER (PERCHER on John’s Death Certificate. PERCER on her Death Certificate and PERCY on Charlotte’s Marriage entry. PURCELL on the Marriage Certificate of James’ second marriage). Of Oakley, Bedfordshire, England. Religion: Independent. Her immigration record says that she could read and write. Born in 1822 (According to immigration records and Death Certificate).Baptised _March 30, 1822 at Oakley, Bedfordshire, England. Died February 7, 1905, aged 83, at Railway Street, Merewether, NSW from dysentry and exhaustion. Buried February 8. 1905 in Sandgate Cemetery, Newcastle, NSW, Primitive Methodist Section, Division NW, Section 14, Grave 35.        Grave owned by Mr. Davies Parents – John PURSER, Bricklayer, and Elizabeth DAWSON They, and their son William left from Plymouth, England on  April 4, 1848 aboard the ‘Royal Saxon’ and arrived in Australia on July 18, 1848. According to ship’s records John was 36 and Maria was 26.  They lived at West End, Bulli, NSW in 1850 and then, in 1865, at ‘Stringybark’, a property of 65 acres, near Appin, NSW. In 1885, they had 4 horses and 3 cattle.  Braziers’ Orchard or ‘Stringybark’ was about six miles west of the top of the range and reached by Brashier’s Track from the village of Sherbrooke. Sherbrooke, near the top of Bulli Pass, was resumed in 1902 by the Sydney Water Board as part of the Cataract Dam catchment area.
    •  William BRAZIER Farmer, sawyer (1875), miner of American Creek (1873).  Could not write. Born in 1847 at Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England.   Imm Records He was mentioned in a book ‘The Town of Camden’ as Mr. W. BRAZIER. He was killed in the 1902 Mt Kembla Disaster as having a few years previously carried on dairying in the Camden District. Died July 31 1902 in an explosion in the Mt. Kembla  Colliery Disaster. Church records and headstone give his, age as 55. His Death Certificate gives his age as 56. Buried August 3, 1903,  Grave J-13 Mt. Kembla Soldiers and Miners C/E Churchyard Cemetery NSW. There is a memorial obelisk in the churchyard to the 96 men killed in the disaster. William’s name appears on the west face. St. Michael’s Church Register notes that the Anglican Lay Reader, Mr. HUNTER was very late arriving for the funeral,  and when the Presbyterian minister Rev. C. A. WHITE was passing on his way to Kembla Heights, he was prevailed upon by relatives to conduct the burial service. The Anglican Lay Reader arrived 15 minutes later and then officiated at the funeral.  William Married December 23, 1873, at the. Church of England  American Creek, NSW to  ELIZABETH FISHLOCK (WILLETT) –  Farmer’s daughter of Cordeaux, NSW (1873). Mother – Mary Ann FISHLOCK. Father  – Arthur WILLETT, Farmer – OffspringCould not write. Born November 5, 1845 at ‘Benares’, Dapto, NSW   Baptised as E1izabeth WILLETT on July 12, 1846, at St. Michael’s C/E Wollongong,          NSW.     Died March 20, 1916 from Chronic Brain Disease and Colitis at Rydalmere Mental Hospital, Sydney, NSW, aged 69    Buried March 21, 1916, C/E Section 2,  F-23,   Wollongong         -NSW
      • Emily BRASHER (Brazier)  Born November 28, 1875 at American Creek, Mt. Kembla, NSW  Baptised December 19, 1875 at St. Michael’s C/E Wollongong  Died October 18, 1969 at Mt. Kembla NSW, aged 93. Buried C/E Section, Row AG, Grave 31- 32 at Penrith Cemetery, NSW. Married June 21, 1899 at St. John’s C/E Camden NSW to    William Nelson LUDBROOK, Farm Labourer (1899) at   Glennora, Farmer (1924), Parents   George LUDBROOK, Artificial Limb Maker at Guys Hospital, and Mary Anne GLENN, Midwife of Guys Hospital, London, Middlesex, England. William Ludbrook was from London, England – Born in 1875 at London, Middlesex England – Died November 19, 1955 aged 80 – Buried C/E Section, Row AG, Grave 31-32 at Penrith Cemetery, NSW In 1942 Emily and William were living at Penrith, NSW
        • Elsie Jane LUDBROOK of Wollongong, NSW Born March 7, 1899 at Camden, NSW   – Baptised March 21, 1899 at St. John’s C/E, Camden, Married March 11, 1916 at St. Michael’s C/E,   Wollongong, NSW to William Donald MACDONALD, Electrician of Wollongong  – Born c1895 at Westminster, England – Parents ~ James MACDONALD and Elizabeth Annie GREY
          • Horace Donald MACDONALD Born in 1916. Registered at Wollongong, NSW  Died June 30, 1919 aged 3 years. Reg. at Wollongong  Buried July 1, 1919 C/E Section 2, Row I, Grave 24, Wollongong Cemetery, NSW. No headstone.
        •  Alice Maude LUDBROOK – Born August 3, 1900 at Camden. NSW. Baptised September 6, 1900 at St. John’s C/E, Camden – Married in 1920 to  Walter C. QUIGG Born in 1893  – Parents – William QUIGG and Charlotte M. PENFOLD
        • Leslie William LUDBROOK of Bulli, NSW. Born in 1903 at West Dapto, NSW. Miner (1923), Wheeler (1928) In 1978 Leslie and Alice were living at 17 Ross Street, Fernbill, NSW.  Died August 10, 1978 aged 75. Buried August 11, 1978 C/E Section 2, Grave B-02, Bulli Cemetery, NSW. Married on May 24, 1924 at St. Augustine’s C/E  Bulli, NSW to Alice Alma JAMES of Bulli NSW – Parents ‑ John JAMES and Isabella Jane ROBERTS Born in 1903 at Thirroul, NSW. Died August 21, 1978 aged 75. There is no headstone for Alice and Leslie. Buried August 22, 1978 C/E Section 2, Grave B-02, Bulli Cemetery, NSW
          • John Leslie LUDBROOK of Brisbane, Queensland (1978)  Born January 17, 1925 at Bulli, NSW. Baptised April 5, 1925 at St. Augustine’s C/E, Bulli, NSW Church. Married Kathy
          • Joyce Isabella LUDBROOK born at Bulli, NSW. Baptised May 6, 1928 at St. Augustine’s C/E, Bulli, Not married in 1978
          • William Russell LUDBROOK  Born June 20, 1930 Baptised November 11, 1934 at St. Augustine’s C/E Bulli, NSW
        • Hazel D. LUDBROOK of Main Road, Bulli, NSW  Born in 1906. Registered at Dapto, married to [1] Leslie N. HOWARD, Labourer (1924) Parents ~ John HOWARD and Beatrice. Died in 1924. Registered at Annandale,. Married in 1929 [2] Henry BURTON. Born in 1904. Registered at Granville, NSW . Parents – Sydney J. BURTON’ ‘and Laura E. DE CALMER
          • Bruce Kelvin HOWARD Born June 30, 1924 at Bulli, NSW Baptised October 7, 1924 at St. Augustine’s  C/E, Bulli, NSW
        • Stanley George LUDBROOK Born April 11, 1910 at Wollongong. NSW Baptised June 1, 1910 at St. Michael’s C/E, Wollongong Church Records
        • John Russell LUDBROOK Born June 30, 1914 at Wollongong, Baptised September 2, 1914 at St. Michael’s C/E,  Wollongong, NSW
        • Elsie J. LUDBROOK  Born in 1916 at Wollongong, NSW
        •  Gordon Keith LUDBROOK Born July 9, 1917 at Wollongong, NSW   Baptised October 18, 1917 at St. Michael’s C/E, Wollongong, NSW. Private NX14326 of the Second A.I.F. 2133 Battalion, Australian Infantry. Died October 12, 1942, aged 25, in Papua-New Guinea Commonwealth War Graves Commission – His name is on Panel 4 of the Port Moresby Memorial,               situated in Port Moresby War Cemetery, Bomana, Papua-New Guinea. This Memorial commemorates those who died in Papua-New Guinea and have no known gra
      • John BRASHER, Labourer of Woonona, NSW.      Born in 1878 at Wollongong, Mentioned as J. BRASHER in the book ‘The Town of Camden’ as having rendered assistance in rescuing marooned people during the big Camden flooding on February 14, 15 and 16, 1898. Died July 19, 1943 aged 65, from Influenza and Bronchitis at  Northfield Lane, Wollongong, NSW . Buried July 20, 1943. C/E Section 3, Grave M-21, Wollongong Cemetery, NSW . Married in 1922 to  Letitia Eliza LAING (nee TIMMS ?), Widow.    Born in 1883. Registered at Kiama, Parents – Thomas TIMMS and Mary Jane TORRENS – Thomas Timms was the son of Benjamin Warburton Timms and wife Susan Strutton
        • Muriel Dorothy BRASHER Born c1923 – d. 1996 married Horace Stephens (1907 – 1992)
        • Offspring from Letitia’s first marriage to George R. LAING, died 23-9-1920
        • Edna J LAING Born in 1911. Registered at Newtown, Sydney,
        • George B. LAING Born in 1913. Registered at Wollongong,
        • Thomas R. LAING Born in 1915. Registered at Wollongong, NSW    
      • Elizabeth BRASHER (BRAZIER) of Wollongong, NSW Born May 30, 1887 at American Creek, Mt. Kembla, NSW. Baptised September 11, 1889 at St. Michael’s C/E,  Wollongong, NSW. Died June 1, 1967, aged 81 Cremated June 3, 1967 at Wollongong Crematorium, Unanderra, Ashes in Rose Garden 6D, Position 160. Married on January 26, 1911 at St. Michael’s C/E,  Wollongong, NSW to Michael Alfred BENNIS, Miner (1932) of Mt. Keira, NSW.   Born in 1878 at Sydney,         In 1905 he was photographed in the Mount Keira football team. Died October 1, 1949, aged c71 at Wollongong, Buried R/C North Section, Row 12, Grave 12, Wollongong Cemetery, NSW.         Parents ~ John BENNIS and Mary Martha CONNORS
        • Hazel Gwendoline BENNIS of Mt. Keira, NSW. Baptismal record has Hazel Agnes BENNIS.       Born September 28, 1912 at Mt. Keira, NSW. Baptised July 5, 1913 at St. Francis Xavier R/C  Church, Wollongong, NSW. Married March 19, 1932 at St. Michael’s C/E  Wollongong, to John Ernest PARKES, Labourer (1932) of Matraville, Sydney. NSW. Born in 1907 at Nyngan, NSW Parents – Frederick PARKES and Mary WINTERS.
        •  Florence Maud BENNIS. Born in 1913. Registered at Wollongong, Died October 31, 1969, aged 56 at Phillip Lodge Nursing Home, Thirroul, NSW. Buried November 1, 1969 at Lakeside Memorial Park Kanahooka, NSW. Married in 1937 at Wollongong, Wallace Alfred C. JONES. Born in 1914   Sydney, NSW.  Parents Wallace Alfred JONES and Fabiola May MADDEN (granddaughter of John Madden of Maddens Plains up on the Illawarra Escarpment)
        • Ernest Charles BENNIS (Em) of Fairy Meadow, NSW. Born February 1, 1914 at Mt. Keira, Baptised December 13, 1919 at St. Francis Xavier  R/C Church, Wollongong, Died March 1, 1992 aged 77 at home, Fairy Meadow, NSW. Cremated March 3, 1992 at Wollongong Crematorium,   Unanderra, NSW. Ashes in Rose Garden 6D, Position 157
        • William. Thomas BENNIS (Dick) of Fairy Meadow, NSW Born August 10, 1916 at Mt. Keira, Baptised October 13, 1916 at St. Francis Xavier  R/C Church, Wollongong.                                 Died February 28, 1992 aged 75 at Wollongong Hospital, NSW. Cremated March 3, 1992 at Wollongong Crematorium  Unanderra, NSW. Ashes in Rose Garden 6D. Position 157A
        •  Eileen Mildred BENNIS of.-Mt. Keira, NSW. Baptismal record has Eileen Mary BENNIS. Born August 11, 1917 at Mt. Keira, NSW .  Baptised December 13, 1919 at St. Francis Xavier  R/C Church, Wollongong, NSW. Married October 22, 1938 at St. Michael’s, C/E,  Wollongong to   Patrick Frank Lawrence SCOTT, Engineer of Wollongong, NSW. Born c1912 at Hamilton, New Zealand. Parents – Frank Joseph Lawrence SCOTT and Mary HAWKES
        • Merle Ellen BENNIS Born October 25, 1921 Married April 19, 1947 to Harold FITZGERALD. Born July 26, 1921 at Wollongong, NSW
        •  Joyce BENNIS, Twin. Born June 12, 1925 at Wollongong, NSW. Married (1) Mr. HENNESSY / Married (2) on June 12, 1965 at St. Michael’s C/E Wollongong. NSW to Brian Douglas BOYLE, Stockman of Merym Station, Warren, NSW. Born April 24, 1935 at Wollongong, NSW. Parents – Albert BOYLE and Margaret BALLANTYNE
        • June BENNIS Twin. Born June 12, 1925 at Wollongong. NSW. Died in December, 1927, Reg. at Wollongong, NSW  . Buried December 5, 1927, R/C North, Section, Row 12, Grave 11          Wollongong Cemetery, NSW
    • Mary Ann Braisher (1850 – 1926) married [1] John Oxenbridge (1844 – 1871)  and [2] Michael Fishlock
      • Alice Oxenbridge (1867 – )
      • Angelina Oxenbridge (1869 – 1870)
      • Albert E Oxenbridge (1871 – 1925) – timber accident – then killed by falling of 100 tons of stone while timbering a roof at Old Bulli (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ) – obituary stated he had conducted a refreshment near Woonona Cinema and his family had a small goods shop at Bulli
      • Eliza Fishlock  (1875 – 1948)  married 1898 to Joseph William Burgess 
        • Frederick Burgess
        • Alfred Burgess
        • George Burgess
        • Maud Burgess married N Young
        • Vera Burgess married L Fowler
      • Henry Fishlock (1876 – )
      • Charlotte P Fishlock (1878 – )
      • Lucy Louisa Fishlock (1880 – 1881)
      • Lavinia F Fishlock (1881 – 1956)
      • Elizabeth M Fishlock (1882 – 1966)
      • Florence M Fishlock (1883 – 1948)
      • George Fishlock (1885 – 1960) – served in WW1 and awarded the Meritorious Service Medal – Crane Driver at the Open Hearth BHP Newcastle where he was injured and forced to retire
      • Alfred Ernest Fishlock (1886 – 1950)
      • Matilda Fishlock (1888 – 1951)
      • Olive May Fishlock (1890 – 1955)
      • Lomas Fishlock (1894 – 1975) – served in WW1
      • Ethel Muriel Fishlock (1895 – 1994)
      • Michael Fishlock (1897 – 1897)
    • James Braisher (1851 Bulli or 1857 Dapto – 1936 – Granville ) married [1] Emily Hepper (1861 – 1908) and [2] Catherine V Woodman (1879 – 1945)
    • George Braisher (1853 – ) married Margaret A Carey ??
    • Charlotte Braisher (1856 – 1941) married John Bunker (1849 – 1919)
      • Sarah Ann Bunker (1881 – )
      • Albert Edward Bunker (abt 1895 – )
    • Benjamin Braisher (1858 Wollongong – 1897 Wollongong) married Mary Jane S Sullivan (1874 – 1935)
      • Benjamin C Brasher (1893 – 1976) married Verna Maude Mackley (1901 – 1940)
      • Clara Miriam Brasher (1896 – 1986) married Frederick J E Pym
        • Son married Ellen E James (1908 – 1973)
        • Frederick K Pym  (1928 – 1996)
          • Robert F Pym (1951 – 2004)
    • Harriet Braisher (1861 American Creek – 1942 Marrickville) married John Charles Chin (1860 Kiama – 1916 Kiama )
      • Harold W Chin (1886 – 1886)
      • John Lomas Chin (1888 – 1889)
      • Emma Crooks Chin (1890 – ) married William Richard Burns 
        • Beatrice Burns
      • Vera May Chin (1893 – 1977) married Clarence Les Prior (1892 – 1952)
        • Eunice May Prior  (1914 – 2001)
        • John Leslie Prior (1923 – 1997)
      • Grace Evelyn Chin (1896 – 1980) married H Wardley
      • Hilda Bessie Chin (1898 – 1979) married H Evans
      • Charles Frank Chin (1901 – 1909)
    • Louisa Braisher (1863 Cordeaux River – 1931 Byron Bay) married Lewis Loveday (1853 – 1919 Bangalow)
      • Mabel Maud Loveday (1883 Murwillumbah – 1964) married Alfred J Duley (1884 – 1978)
      • Elizabeth L Loveday (1886 – 1964) married Leslie R Jenkins (1884 – 1964)
      • Angelina M Loveday (1889 – 1907)
      • Arthur Ernest Loveday (1891 – 1959) married Ada Maude Jenkins (1882 – 1968)
      • Albert Henry Loveday (1893 – 1915 –  died in WW1 at Sea)
      • Ethel May Loveday (1895 – 1951) married Percival John Harvey (1893 – 1951)
      • Frederick R Loveday (1897 – 1898)
      • Ross Loveday (1899 – 1917 – died in England of illness in WW1)
      • Elsie Loveday (1900 – 1901)
      • Amy Loveday (1901 – 1992 ) married Stanley H Armfield (1896 – 1955)
      • Irene Victoria Loveday (1904 – 1985) married Colin Elton K Jenkins (1900 – 1979)


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  1. Posted by Vicky Harden on September 26, 2015 at 9:48 pm

    My name is Vicky Harden, nee Loveday. I am the granddaughter of Arthur Ernest Loveday and Ada Maude Jenkins. My father was Ernest Arthur Loveday (1921-2007). He married Edna May Hines (1931- living) and they had 10 children.
    I am currently researching the Brasher family and their connection to the Mt Kembla mine disaster.
    I have photos of members of the Loveday family, including Albert and Ross, which may be of interest to you.
    Thank you for your very informative research.


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