David Charlesworth, an ex convict (1827 – Marquis of Hastings),  and wife Johanna Mullins, arrived Free (1836 – Duchess of Northumberland), have been long known as Bulli Mountain- Sherbrooke residents. They are listed in the Illawarra Family History Group’s Illawarra Pioneers Pre 1900, and according to Westie Hapgood, they were on Bulli Mountain from the 1850’s. David was the first person to be buried at St Augustine’s Bulli Graveyard in 1878 ( W A Bayley – “Black Diamonds”) & Illawarra Mercury January 8, 1878.  Their children were listed as follows :

  • John Henry who married Frances Edmondson and Susan Hicks – IFHG Illawarra Pioneers Pre 1920 mentions John Charlesworth – and how “he left the family home, a 2 roomed slab hut under the top of the escarpment next to Rixon’s Pass Woonona in 1859 and then worked at Keira Mine”
  • Mary married James Hurst
  • Edward, a miner, married Jane Purcell and Mary Roles
  • Johanna
  • Charles Abraham “Abe”  – married Hannah Lacey. IFHG Illawarra Pioneers Pre 1920 indicates that “Abe” spent most of his life living up above Cram’s residence up Rixons Pass ie on Bulli Mountain. Westie Hapgood’s “Deep Valleys, Tall Timber, Tough Men and Women” also describes Abe’s experiences as a bullock driver pioneer Timber man on Bulli Mountain. He was buried at Corrimal Catholic Cemetery.
  • David Samuel
  • Louisa (Lucy) who married Thomas Forde -and then married in Sydney to Stephen James Sheather (1855 West Maitland – 1924 Bulli). Lucy was known as Granny Sheather. More on the Stephen Sheather’s family may be found here on the McKenzie website and also here on the Fairhall website, as well as a little on Louisa’s Charlesworth family on the Fairhall site. Their children were as follows :
    • Charles Abraham Sheather (1883 Bulli 1940 Bulli) married in 1925 in Bulli to Alice Doreen Worth and Florence Ann Smart
    • Blanche Mercy Sheather (1886 Woonona 1949 Redfern) married in 1903 in Bulli to Charles Joseph Healy
    • Archibald Stephen Sheather (1889 Bulli  1965)
    • Ernest Stanley Sheather (1891 Bulli )
    • James Joseph Sheather (1893 Bulli 1978)
    • Percival George Henry Sheather (1895 Bulli 1968 Concord). There appears to be some confusing information about in regard to our Bulli born Percy Henry George Sheather and another Percival George Sheather. Our Bulli born Percy served in WW1 and was thought by some, including possibly Ted Finn, to have died there in November 1917. However it appears that he was wounded twice – in 1917 and in 1918 before returning to Australia in 1918 – 1, 2, .  He lived with his invalid mother Louisa in Camperdown in 1930, and was in Berry in 1933 – 1937 -then 1943 – 1949 in Thirroul before moving to Redfern 1958 – 1963.   Some believed that our Percy George Henry Sheather  married in 1937 in Katoomba to Annie Thorpe nee Jacobs. However it is more likely that she married the “other” Percy George Sheather.   Further, in regard to  other conflicting information, aJohn Sheather  made the following comments “From your research, you say  that Percival George Henry Sheather, b.2-11-1895, married Annie Jacobs, in 1937, Katoomba. B.D.M., says, Percival Sheather m. Annie Thorpe,1937, Katoomba.  My records say that, Percival George Sheather, b.25-7-1886, Narrandera, son of Henry Sheather and Elizabeth Riley, m. Annie Thorpe, widow, at Blackheath, 1936, daughter of Samuel and Martha Jacobs. Of course, Annie Jacobs, and Annie Thorpe being the same person, not that is an issue, but, we have two Percival Sheather’s. Other; Percival and Annie were in Campsie in 1943, Electoral rolls. Percy from Bulli, d. Concord, Percy from Narrandera, d. 10-11-1965, late of Belmore, which is near Campsie.  In 1937, Annie was 55, Percy from Narrandera was 51, Percy from Bulli was 42.  N.B. My info on the marriage was possibly from Trove or a family member, I can’t remember.  Regards John Sheather” (1)…. Percival George Henry Sheather, born 2-9-1895, died 1968 at Concord hospital. Service no 4535, son of Stephen Sheather and Louisa Agnes Forde. My records don’t show that he was ever married.  However a very distant cousin,  Percival George Sheather, born 25-7-1886, died 10-11-1965, at 14 Waverly Street, Belmore, son of Henry Sheather and Elizabeth Riley – this Percival Sheather was born at Brewarrina Station,  Narrendera. His death certificate, 37114, 703 in register, he married Annie Thorpe, widow, at Blackheath, at Katoomba.  The informant was his son, Henry Squire Sheather, so Percy Sheather from Woonoona, did not marry Annie Thorpe, nee Jacobs. Thank you,  John A. S. Sheather.” (1). I would concur with John Sheather comments that there were two Percy’s. The re-use of names within families can certainly makes for confusion sometimes.
  • Catherine who married George Nixon
  • James Joseph who married Minnie Alice Timmins
Map of Bulli Mountain showing land ownership from 1850's including Charlesworth lots.

Map of Bulli Mountain showing land ownership from 1850’s including Charlesworth lots of Father David Snr, sons Abe & John

Further Reading :

  • Westie Hapgood’s “Deep Valleys, Tall Timber, Tough Men and Women
  • Letter to the Editor Sydney Morning Herald April 1 1837

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