Haberley Family

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John Gottlieb Haberley, known as Gottlieb, a builder, ( b 1831 in Wurtemberg? in Germany – d. 6.3.1909) and wife Christina Fredericka Brandt ( – d.1867) were married about 1856 in Germany. They had emigrated to Australia from Germany in 1858, and settled in Bulli. It was Gottlieb and Christina’s son John Jacob Haberley, known as Jacob, who lived at Sherbrooke, with his family.

In 1882 and 1883 a one acre property owned by the Haberley famiily “with a substantial well finished cottage of 4 rooms, kitchen and store room etc” was advertised for sale and was described as being on the Main Road opposite the Roman Catholic Church which would place it in Slacky Flat, Bulli.

John Gottlieb and Christina’s children included :

  • Charles Jacob Haberley b. about 1856 in Germany married in North Sydney 29.10.1887 to Friedericke Dorothea Henwood nee Schindler (b.1843 Germany). Charles was a produce dealer
  • Henry Christopher Haberley – married Julia Mary Parkinson of Woonona, daughter of Henry William Parkinson on 18.4.1877 at St Michael’s Church in Wollongong. In 1880 Henry and father Gottlieb had set up as builders and undertakers having been in the building trade for 17 years – an early funeral notice mentioning H Haberley Funeral Director is dated in 1883.
    • George H Haberley b.1878
    • Frederick William Haberley b.1879
    • Ethel Adeline Haberley b.1881
    • Evelyn Haberley b. 1882 – the Western Australian Haberley branch believe that Evelyn was born in Sherbrooke prior to the family moving to Mt Morgans goldfields in Western Australia – 1,
    • Amelia Haberley b. 1885 married Alfred Cooley in Sydney in 1903
      • William H G Cooley b. 1907 d. 1908
      • Beryl G Cooley b. 1911
    • Hilda Haberley b. 1888
    • Rica E Haberley married Richard C Williams in 1888
  • Garrett (Gathorp) Haberley born about 1858 at Sea  – d. 1939 – lived at 7 Hopetoun St Bulli. He married Eliza Jane Blinkco (Blinks) ( – d.1926) of Sherbrooke  in 1889 – he was  living in Austinmer in 1889
    Eliza Jane and Garrett Josiah Haberley - courtesy of Susannah Cavill collectoin

    Eliza Jane and Garrett Josiah Haberley – courtesy of Susannah Cavill collectoin

    • Henry George Haberley b. 1890 Woonona – d. 1950 in Bulli
    • Elizabeth Mathilda  Haberley b 1891 d. 1950 in Bulli married John Morris in 1912
      • Eliza A Morris b. 1912  Woonona  d. 1912 Woonona
      • Edna Morris b. 1914 Bulli married in 1933 to William J Coulter
      • Ada Morris d. 1918 Bulli
      • Dorothy A Morris d. 1925
    • Archibald “Archie” Edward Haberley b. 1893 d. 1960 Bulli – lived in Hopetoun St Bulli (now in Woonona)
      • Archibald Haberley d. 1929
    • Charles Haberley, Miner, b. 1895 – d. 1951 – married Emma J Kiernan in Sydney in 1922 in Sydney
      • Irene Ivy (Oliver) Haberley – d. 1981 married in 1939 to John Albert Fowler – lived in North Wollongong
      • Joseph Charles Haberley married in 1945 to Flora McDonald Thornton – living in North Wollongong
    • Evelyn Violet Haberley b.1896 d. 1956 married Jonas Andreas Lundman, Rigger and Dogman,  in Sydney 27.6.1923. Jonas was the son of Peter Lundman and Matilda Larson – and was born about 1889 in Pito Sweden. He emigrated to Australia about 1864 aged 25 years and died 16.2.1942 in Hornsby due to an industrial accident
      • Jonas A Lundman b about 1925
      • Peter Anton Lundman b 1.6.1927 married (1) Alice Jean Batty
        • Lundman
        • Lundman
        • Peter John Lundman b. 1951 at Summerhill
        • Lindy ?
      • Peter Anton Lundman  married (2) Gloria Dawn Laidlaw O’Donnell (who was previously married to James Frederick Hilton Laws with a daughter Irene Gayle Laws who married Paul John Fitzgerald)
        • Karen Lundman
        • Kerry Lundman
      • Unknown Lundman d. before 1942
    • Florence M Haberley b.1898
    • Richard Haberley b. 1905 d. 1905 Woonona
  • John Jacob Haberley known as Jacob b. 1859 Bulli – d. 16.9.1927 Portland – married in 1879 to Mary Ann Blinkco ( – d. 1915) – they were probably living in Sherbrooke by 1885 and were one of the families who faced resumption for the Cataract Dam construction in 1902, after which they lived in Gray St Woonona. John Jacob  was active in various Sherbrooke activities such as the Sherbrooke Progress Association, Athenaeum Debating Society, Union Church and the Sherbrooke Flower Shows
    • Ada Florence Haberley b. 1880 married Thomas Fritz
    • George Henry Haberley, a miner b. 1882 married 24.3.1905 Zayda Haswell( 1884 Oberon – d. 19.12.1944)  daughter or Frederick Haswell and Elvina Kirk
      • Ida Athelia F Haberley married (1) Ambrose Dickings in 1922 and following his 1924 death, she married (2) Eugene J Buckman
        •  Doreen Zayda Dickings married (1) Edward William Chambers and (2) Raymond Arthur McCarron
        • Son D A Dickings living at 15 Smith St Mascot in 1944 – informant of his grandmothr Zayda’s death in 1944
    • Garrett J Haberley birth was registered in 1883 Sherbrooke  – d. 27.12.1944 (1)
    • Ivy Olive (birth registered in NSW BDM as Hivey O) Haberley b. 1885 – d. 1915 never married
    • Ella Beatrice Sarah Haberley b. 1887 – d. 1921 married Alexander R Howson – d. 1925 aged 41 years – he was living at Soudan St Thirroul at the time of his death. Alexander was the second son of Richard Howson of Thirroul.
      • Ella Haberley b. 1905 d. 1905
      • 4 living children, aged from 8 to 17 years,  were left orphaned, including
      • Richard Robert Howson – d. 1970 Wollongong
      • Jacob John Howson – d.1970 Wollongong – in 1938 probate had been granted for his father’s estate – he was living in High St Woonona at the time of the granting. Jacob John Howson b. 1908 – d. 1970 in Bulli – in 1938 probate had been granted for his father’s estate – he was living in 8 High St Woonona at the time of the granting – married in 1928 to Dorothy Mary Ward (b.1910 – )
        • Irene Fay Howson (b.1935 – d.1963)
        • Janice Howson (b.1938 – d. 1978)
        • 1954 – Owen Howson is an employee of the Coop at Woonona – son of Jacob Howson of High St Woonona and engaged to Kathleen Mary Gordon of Stanhope St Woonona – married in 1955
    • Ruby Christina Haberley b. 1888 married Richard Howson in 1911  d. 1952 – he was living in Russell St Woonona at the time. Death of Ruby Christina Howson aged 61 years of Russell St Woonona, in 1950, wife of Richard Howson, mother of Donald and Marjorie. She had a building approval in 1940. Her son Donald Howson of 12 Albert St Woonona, died in 1953, husband of Joyce Suddick (?), father of Diane and Dale – brother of Marjorie. Probate In 1946 Richard Howson of Russell St Woonona and Main Roads employee was seriously injured when pipes rolled onto him and another employee when two trucks collided near where they were working at Russell Vale. There were no beds at Coledale nor Bulli Hospital so he was rushed to Royal Alfred Hospital Sydney with a compound fracture of the skull. 1952 – Death of Richard Howson of Russell St Woonona
      • Myrtle Howson – d. 1916  in Bulli
      • Richard R Howson – d.1921 in Bulli
      • Marjorie Olive Howson b. 9.3.1920 Dorrigo – d. 22.8.1997 Thirroul – married in 1955 to Alan Warran(e)  Privett b. 22.5.1914  d.9.5.1990 Thirroul – they are buried at Scarborough Cemetery Anglican 2 Row F Plot 7. Alan was the son of Hedley Privett Snr, and brother of Hedley Privett Jnr, and Ida Privett – they were living in Arthur St Thirroul
      • Donald Howson b. 1927 Woonona – d. 4.10.1953 in Sydney  – engaged to and married Joyce Richardson Suddick in 1948 – they were living at Albert Street Corrimal at the time of his death. 1946 Ronald (Donald?) Howson of Russell St Woonona convicted on illegal fishing in the catchment. Following Donald’s death in 1953, Joyce remarried to Ronald Noel Ryall in 1954.
        • Diane Howson
        • Dale Howson
    • Raymond Haberley b. 1891 married Charlotte Ellen Brown
    • Reginald Stanford Haberley b. 1893 married Minnie Seymour
      • George Reginald Haberley
      • Frederick William Haberley
      • Valerie Joyce Haberley married Frederick Thomas Worth at Bulli in1956
  • John Haberley b. 1861 d. – nb. recorded at NSW BDM as John Haberle
  • George Haberly b. 1862 married in 1891 to Elizabeth Collins (b. 1863 Wollongong). He had been a farmhand and carpenter in 1891 and lived at 3 Stream St Sydney in 1891. Elizabeth had been living in Candelo prior to their marriage
  • Christina Haberley b. 1866 – d. 1867
  • Eleanor / Helena Christina Haberley b. 1867 – d.22.4.1867

Several years after the 1867 death of his first wife Christina, John Gottlieb Haberley remarried in 1869 to Mary Jane Johnson, and their children included

  • Arthur Ernest Haberley, Carpenter b.1870 – in 1894 he married Nelly Zietsch (Garton) a storekeeper in Leichardt in 1894  in Sydney
  • Sarah Jane Haberley b.1872 married in 1889 to John Grace
  • John Frederick Haberley b.1874 d. 1931 ? – married Isobel – lived in Woonona – did he also live in Coledale
    • Arthur W Haberley b. 1902 of Coledale married Emily Isobel Birch of Thirroul in 1928
    • Isabella J Haberley b.1904
    • Thomas J Haberley b. 1905
    • Hilda Haberley b. 1910
  • James William Haberley also known as William James Haberley b.1875 – d. 1954 ? – lived in Coledale – married in 1900 to Emily Corney
    • Lily Haberley b. 1901
    • William James Haberley b.1908 d. 1953 married Ada
      • Jean Haberley married Bott
      • Lorna
    • Vera Irene Haberley b. 1911 married to Walter Scott in 1928
    • Ernest John Haberley b. 1914
    • Mervyn Arthur Haberley b. 1922
  • Minnie Louisa Haberley b.1877 – d. 1878

Alice Haberley b. 1886 to Christina A  Haberley – did Alice marry Harry A Frerics (?) in 1924 in Petersham – not sure where she fits

10 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Erin on January 9, 2016 at 11:04 pm

    Hi – I’m Erin (formerly Haberley) and I am a descendant of Archibald Haberley. Thank you so so so so SO much for all of this!! It’s amazing!


  2. Posted by Greg(ory) DICK on June 14, 2016 at 2:38 am

    Hi Kerrie
    I was so excited to read your post when I came across it this evening. My name is Greg Dick, and I’m a grandson of Frederick William Haberley who died in Perth in 1952, when I was a four year old. My mother Hilda (also deceased), has a remaining sister who will be 96 in July of this year. I can’t wait to tell her of my discovery of family history which fills some gaps in my knowledge. Thank you for your extensive work.


    • hi Greg – that is wonderful to hear this – I knew Merv Haberley and have been in contact with his children as well as descendants from other branches of the family. Cheers KerrieAnne Christian


  3. Posted by Stephanie Nelson on April 4, 2017 at 7:10 pm

    Hi Kerrie,
    My name is Stephanie Nelson (formally Stephanie Privett of Arthur st Thirroul)
    I’m very excited to have stumbled upon this site & wish to congratulate you for the amazing work you’ve done.


    • hi Stephanie – as a former near neighbour of yours, and also with you being a descendant of various Hedley Privett’s who worked on the NSW Government Railways – it’s lovely to have your appreciation – cheers Kerrie Anne Christian


  4. Posted by Alan Harper on November 8, 2017 at 12:27 am

    I am Alan Harper the great grandson of Henry Christopher Haberley. I am so happy to finally find details of his life, he has a grave and headstone at Mt Morgans in the eastern goldfields of WA and my father Sydney Harper erected a dome protecting a plaque in 1999 after tracing his grandfathers death certificate place of death. His mother is Evelyn Maud Haberley daughter of Henry. She was born in Bulli. I have photos of the headstone, and will supply lots of details of the other siblings of Evelyn. Ethel married a Hodges and lived in EsperanceI remember as a kid meeting her there. Hilder married a Repacholi and were farmers in Kondinin. My older sister knows more so will expand on that. Love to hear from anyone related Regards Alan


  5. Posted by Phillip Nichol McArthur on July 1, 2018 at 3:42 pm

    I am Phillip McArthur of Auckland NZ. My g Grandmother Mabel Louise Haberley, b 19 May 1884 in Woonona, daughter of Henry Christopher Haberley- could you add her to the list above if possible. Married Thomas Johnstone McArthur 17 June 1907 in Mount Morgans, WA. She died age 37 in 1921 from peritonitis (burst appendix) in Albany WA. They had four children, Henry Johnston 1908, Alexander George 1909, Jessie Evelyn 1914 and Jean Mary 1915. Henry was my grandfather. After Mabel died her husband Thomas moved to Beach haven, Auckland, New Zealand, where I grew up. I have an nice portrait of her in digital form if you would like a copy let me know.


    • Posted by Alan Harper on July 1, 2018 at 5:42 pm

      Didn’t know Mabel was married in Mt Morgans, wonder how Allan Harper met Evelyn Haberley, they were married Fremantle WA. He and 2 brothers and their father were sawmillers Barabup in South west forests then?
      Thanks for this info


      • Posted by Phillip Nichol McArthur on July 1, 2018 at 7:28 pm

        Hi Alan, I have a newspaper article about the wedding. It took place at “Watkins St, Morgans”. Frederick Haberley gave away the bride, and Evelyn Haberley was a bridesmaid.

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