Howson Family

We’ve recently heard that the Howson Family were also associated with Sherbrooke on Bulli Mountain. It would appear that these connections are in part via the Haberley – Blinkco – Reeve families of Sherbrooke – and also via the Jones – Spinks – Reeve families of Sherbrooke ie

Howson – Haberley – Blinkco – Reeve Connections

  • Alexander Howson married Ella Haberley daughter of John Jacob Haberley and his wife Mary Ann Blinkco of Sherbrooke. Ellla was also a granddaughter of George Blinkco and Sarah Blinkco nee Reeve of Sherbrooke, not to mention a great granddaughter of Sarah’s parents Henry and Margaret Reeve of Sherbrooke
  • Richard Howson, brother to Alexander, married Ruby Haberley, younger sister of Ella Haberley

More details of the Haberley – Blinkco family of Sherbrooke are as follows 

John Jacob Haberley known as Jacob b. 1859 ? – d. 1927 Portland – married in 1879 to Mary Ann Blinkco ( – d. 1915) – they were probably living in Sherbrooke by 1885 and were one of the families who faced resumption for the Cataract Dam construction in 1902, after which they lived in Gray St Woonona. John Jacob  was active in various Sherbrooke activities such as the Sherbrooke Progress Association, Athenaeum Debating Society, Union Church and the Sherbrooke Flower Shows

  • Ada Florence Haberley b. 1880 married Thomas Fritz
  • George Henry Haberley b. 1882 married Zayda Haswell
    • Ida Athelia F Haberley married (1) Ambrose Dickings in 1922 and following his 1924 death, she married (2) Eugene J Buckman
      •  Doreen Zayda Dickings married (1) Edward William Chambers and (2) Raymond Arthur McCarron
  • Ivy Olive (birth registered in NSW BDM as Hivey O) Haberley b. 1885 – d. 1915 never married
  • Ella Beatrice Sarah  Haberley b. 1887 – d. 1921 married Alexander Rankin Howson – d. 1925 – aged 41 years – he was living in Soudan Street Thirroul at the time of his death. 1925 – sudden death of Excelsior miner Alexander Howson following a blow to the head – he had been selling land at George St Thirroul in 1923. Alexander was the second son of  Richard Howson ( – d. 1927) who had lived in Scotland, Queensland, Dorrigo,  Thirroul and Woonona Bulli, and who had been one of the first carpenters at South Bulli Colliery. Alexander’s mother was Rachel Rankin Howson who died in 1916 in Bulli – 1916 – Alexander had been selling land at George St Thirroul in 1923. His father Richard Snr a member of the Plymouth Brethren. Born in Bell’s Hill Scotland about 1847 – emigrated to Australia and lived at Thirroul (Soudan St ?) from 1887 for nearly 40 years. He was one of the first carpenters at South Bulli Colliery. Following the death of his first wife, he then remarried and lived at Woonona with his second wife. In Memorian in 1929. 1930.
    • 4 children all boys, aged from 8 to 17 years were left orphaned, including
    • Jacob John Howson b. 1908 – d. 1970 in Bulli – in 1938 probate had been granted for his father’s estate – he was living in 8 High St Woonona at the time of the granting – married in 1928 to Dorothy Mary Ward (b.1910 – )
      • Irene Fay Howson (b.1935 – d.1963)
      • Janice Howson (b.1938 – d. 1978)
      • 1954 – Owen Howson is an employee of the Coop at Woonona – son of Jacob Howson of High St Woonona and engaged to Kathleen Mary Gordon of Stanhope St Woonona – married in 1955
    • Richard Robert Howson b. 1910 – d.1970 in Wollongong married in 1931 to Lavinia A “Queenie” Nobes (b.1910 – d.1984) – lived 116 Campbell St Woonona
      • 1951 – engagement of Greta Howson daughter of Mr and Mrs R Howson of Campbell St Woonona to Edward Laughlin
        • 1952 – birth of son Neville Edward Laughlin to Mrs (Greta) Laughlin of Railway St Corrimal – daughter of Mr and Mrs R Howson of 116 Campbell St Woonona
      • 1953 Melba Howson daughter of Mr and Mrs R Howson of 116 Campbell St Woonona engaged to Roy Behan of Corrimal
      • 1954 Judy Howson daughter of Mr  and Mrs R Howson of 116 Campbell St Woonona engaged to Sid Joliffe
      • Phyllis Rachel Howson d. 2011 – married in 1955 to Keith Allan Haines, a Soccer Player for Bulli
    • Alexander Raymond Howson b. 1912 – lived in Mitchell Rd Bulli
    • George Henry Howson b.1917 – Miner living in Hicks St Russell Vale – married Nita Florence Bartlett. 1950 George Henry Howson of Hicks St Russell Vale and Keith Howson of Greens Pinch Bulli Pass convicted of illegal fishing in the catchment.
      • Kenneth Charles Howson
  • Ruby Christina Haberley b. 1888 -d 1950 Bulli married in 1911. to Richard Howson coal miner – d. 1952 – he was living in Russell St Woonona at the time. Death of Ruby Christina Howson aged 61 years of Russell St Woonona, in 1950, wife of Richard Howson, mother of Donald and Marjorie. She had a building approval in 1940. Her son Donald Howson of 12 Albert St Woonona, died in 1953, husband of Joyce Suddick (?), father of Diane and Dale – brother of Marjorie. Probate In 1946 Richard Howson of Russell St Woonona and Main Roads employee was seriously injured when pipes rolled onto him and another employee when two trucks collided near where they were working at Russell Vale. There were no beds at Coledale nor Bulli Hospital so he was rushed to Royal Alfred Hospital Sydney with a compound fracture of the skull. 1952 – Death of Richard Howson of Russell St Woonona
    • Myrtle Howson – d. 1916  in Bulli
    • Richard R Howson – d.1921 in Bulli
    • Marjorie Olive Howson b. 9.3.1920 Dorrigo – d. 22.8.1997 Thirroul – married in 1955 to Alan Warran(e)  Privett b. 22.5.1914  d.9.5.1990 Thirroul – they are buried at Scarborough Cemetery Anglican 2 Row F Plot 7. Alan was the son of Hedley Privett Snr, and brother of Hedley Privett Jnr, and Ida Privett – they were living in Arthur St Thirroul
    • Donald Howson b. 1927 Woonona – d. 4.10.1953 in Sydney  – engaged to and married Joyce Richardson Suddick in 1948 – they were living at Albert Street Corrimal at the time of his death. 1946 Ronald (Donald?) Howson of Russell St Woonona convicted on illegal fishing in the catchment. Following Donald’s death in 1953, Joyce remarried to Ronald Noel Ryall in 1954.
      • Diane Howson
      • Dale Howson
  • Reginald Stanford Haberley b. 1893 married Minnie Seymour
    • George Reginald Haberley
    • Frederick William Haberley
    • Valerie Joyce Haberley married Frederick Thomas Worth at Bulli in1956
  • Raymond Haberley b. 1891 married Charlotte Ellen Brown

Howson – Jones – Spink – Reeve Connections

Death of Joseph Edward Howson of Bulli Pass in 1932, husband of Sylvia Jones (daughter of Charles Jones), and a brother of Thomas and Edward. He was born in Thirroul about 1904 and his parents lived on Bulli Pass. There were no children of his marriage. He had been an out of work miner who was developing a market garden with his brothers.

More Howson Family Details

  • Richard Howson and Rachel Rankin
    • William b. 1891  married in 1926 to Eileen Campell – 1952 – court case – Eileen Howson and Australian Iron & Steel Pty Ltd – probate 1951
      • 1933 – Dugald Howson of Thirroul – school results son of William and Eileen Howson – Dugald died in 1965
    • Alexander married Ella Beatrice Sarah Haberley
    • Richard Junior married Rachel Christina Haberley
    • Robert – 1947 – death of Robert Howson, formerly of Thirroul, lately of Appin and a Coalcliff miner – d.1947 at Campbelltown . A Robert Howson was complaining of the state of Soudan St Thirroul in 1917.
      • 1948 – engagement of Cynthia Howson daughter of the late Mr R (Robert)  Howson of Thirroul to Ron Chamberlain – son of Neild Chamberlain
    • Thomas   – In 1927 Thomas Howson employed at Bulli Mine was experiencing illness over an extended period.

      Thomas Howson and wife Rebecca (nee Hilton) – courtesy of Julie Thomson

      In 1933 Thomas’s condition was diagnosed as dust on the lungs and he died in 1938, with his widow, Rebecca Howson of Bulli Pass Road, receiving compensation in 1939 – probate. They had quite a large family which was not unusual for those times.


      Rebecca Howson Holding Margaret (Grace). Back Row. Crissiana, Rachel, Thomas Howson Front Row – Thomas Hilton Howson, John Hamilton Howson and Alice Howson – courtesy of Julie Thomson

      (Note – Rebecca was a daughter of Joseph and Christina Hilton nee Gibson, a granddaughter of Ausinmer Mine Richard Gibson Austinmer , and a cousin of Bulli Shire and Wollongong Councils Alderman Thomas Gibson, after whom the Thirroul Sports Ground is named). Mr Thomas Howson of Bulli Pass receives a 61st birthday celebration in 1933. Robert Howson sang at the party. 1934 Thomas Hilton Howson found guilty of picking protected wildflowers (native roses and rock lilies) near Bulli Pass.

      • In 1917 their son Robert Turner Howson had died aged 3 years
      • 1925marriage of Richard Hector Howson of Bulli Pass, son of Thomas and Rebecca Howson  to Dora (Doris?) Taylor at Corrimal – they later lived at Robert St Corrimal
        • 1951 – engagement of Noela Alice Howson daughter of Mr and Mrs R Howson of Wilga St Corrimal to Harold John Warburton
          • 1953 – birth of Alison Kay daughter of Noela (nee Howson) and Harold Warburton
      • In 1935 John Howson of Bulli Pass knocked down by a motorbike in Austinmer and admitted to Coledale Hospital – concussed and lacerations
      • In 1943 their daughter Margaret Grace Howson was engaged to Herbert Ernest Procter of Wattamondara.

Edward Howson married Mary

  • Ellen – d. 1932

Stories of other members of the Howson family from Trove are as follows :

  • Coal miner – wheeler R Howson seeking increased wages at Bulli Mine in 1909.
  • 1909 – Thirroul Swimming Instructor – R Howson
  • 1913 Ada Francis Cavill, daughter of widower coalminer Syra Cavill, aged 2.5 years and daughter of a Clifton miner, who lived with Mrs Robert Howson of Woonona, died at the home of a Mrs Haberley of Woonona – her mother had died some months earlier
  • 1922 – R Howson was living at The Avenue Bulli
  • 1934 a wheeler named Howson at Excelsior Colliery was giving evidence into the death of another employee.
  • 1948 – death of Criss Jacobson nee Howson – her sister was Ray (married to Wally and mother of Austin)
  • 1952 – death of steelworker David  Freeland at his daughter Mrs (Margaret) Lena Howson’s home on Bulli Pass – she was married to Keith Howson b. abt 1922  – who had been caught rabbitting near Bulli Pass in 1945. They also lived on Woodlands Farm off Sturdee Avenue Bulli in 1963 – 1968
  • Over the years various Howson’s were before the courts – including

6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Patsy Williaams. on November 7, 2015 at 10:03 pm

    Hi. My name is Patricia Williams née Howson. I I the second eldest daughter of Keith and Margaret Lena Howson. I have one elder sister Ruth Maureen Hall,and 2 younger sisters, Susan Dorothy Tease and Coral Joy Williams. I also have a brother Keith Edward Howson. We all have children of our own. We lived on Bulli pass until I was 10. My sister Ruth lives on the original Howson property at greens pinch.


    • thanks for that comment Patsy – I was wondering who Keith Howson’s parents were – can you help with that information

      – and of course your sister Ruth is married to Brian – it’s fascinating discovering people who you know for years and don’t realise that they are from Sherbrooke – Kerrie Anne Christian


  2. Posted by Stephanie.Nelson on April 5, 2017 at 10:00 am

    My name is Stephanie Nelson (formally, Stephanie Privett & grew-up in Arthur St Thirroul with my parents, Allan & Marjorie- brother -Hedley.
    My mum was Marjorie Olive Howson -born at Brookllanna ( near Dorrigo) & grew-up in Russel St Woonona with her brother- Donald.


    • Stephanie – the Museum is planning an exhibition series on Sherbrooke including Blinkco’s. It will start from April 8 and run through till late May 2018. On Sunday April 15th at 11am we are inviting to the Museum at Bulli Railway Station. It would be lovely for you and your brother and your families to attend. KAC


  3. Posted by Patsy Williams on December 11, 2017 at 7:58 pm

    Hi Kerrie-Anne ,
    I have been trying to save and print the Howson family page but unfortunately it won’t let me. Does anyone know how to do it.
    I’m going through more old photos and hopefully there are some that I haven’t already posted.


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