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Thomas Kimbrey and Mary Ann Cleveland had four children Mary Louise, Matilda Alice, John J and Thomas William Jnr, known as William.  Sadly Thomas Kimbrey died as a result of a logging accident in 1869, Illawarra Mercury October 15, 1869  – up behind the Bulli Public School and near to the Bulli Mine.

” Inquest, The Coroner for the district held an inquest on Wednesday afternoon, at Floyd’s Railway Hotel, Bulli, on the body of Thomas Kimbrey, laborer, aged 36, who died the previous night from injuries accidentally received whilst rolling a log. It appeared from the evidence that the deceased, who was a steady, sober man, married, and the father of four children, was with others engaged in rolling a log at the creek at the back of the Bulli Company’s cottages, near the mine. The log was on a skid, which, whilst the log was in motion, jerked up and struck the deceased on the foot, knocking him backwards into the creek. The perpendicular depth of the creek was only six foot, but the head of the deceased came in contact with a log, causing concussion of the brain. Medical assistance was at once called in, but to no purpose; he lingered from two o’clock, the time at which the accident occurred, till 11 p.m., without regaining consciousness; The finding of the jury was in accordance with the facts.”

“BULLI” – (From our Correspondent.) – Illawarra Mercury November 19 1869 – a fundraising picnic was also held at Collins Point Woonona

Concert — On last Monday a concert was held in tbe School of Arts, Woonona, on behalf of the widow of the late Thomas Kimbrey. The hall was crowded, somewhere about three hundred must have been assembled in the hall. The amateur performers, both vocal and instrumental, were principally from Wollongong. Mr McIntyre, with his bus, was employed by the originators of the concert to bring the ladies and gentlemen from Wollongong. Mr H. Fry presided on the occasion, and I need not say that he did everything that laid in his power to make the affair a success. The ladies and gentlemen who sang acquitted  themselves in finestrate style, nearly in every case at the conclusion of each song they were loudly encored which was in many instances cheerfully responded to. Messrs A. Atkinson, J. Mc Cready, and D. Griffin, jnnr, called forth rears of laughter in their negro eccentricities. The whole affair from beginning to end was a marked success. At the conclusion, the services of those ladies and gentlemen who took part in the evening’s amusement were duly acknowledged, and I am here requested by the gentlrmen who were instrumental in getting the concert up, to tender to them their heartfelt acknowledgement for their services in coming forth so cheerfully in so laudable an object. When the concert was over the amateurs sat down to a comfortable supper in the Woonona Hotel, prepared expressly by two or three parties for the occasion. When the supper was over the Wollongong portion ofthe performers returned by the same conveyance to town. “

It would appear that Mary Ann Kimbrey nee  Cleveland remarried several years later to Henry Reeve Jnr, son of Henry Reeve and his wife Margaret Morgan, one of the pioneer families of Sherbrooke. Mary Ann and her second husband Henry Reeve Jnr are believed to have heard four children, Charles, Francis, Sis and Arthur Allen Reeve. As Mary’s children were still quite young at the time of second marriage, they most probably lived at Sherbrooke, with Mary and her second husband, Henry Reeve Jnr.

Mary Louise Kimbrey (1859-1925)  married in 1879 Joseph Martin (1858 Campbelltown  -1943 Thirroul), son of Joseph Martin & his wife Sarah Wood,  when they were both listed as living at Woonona – later they  lived at Fords Rd, prior to their deaths, as did their daughter, Alice May Crompton, one of their six children :

  • Thomas Charles Martin (1880 – 1947) who married in Redfern in 1905 Ada Blinkco, (1878 – 1930) daughter of George Blinkco and his wife Sarah Reeve – Martins were later in Woonona and Fords Rd Thirroul after the resumptions – after Ada’s death Thomas married Gladys Maxwell
  • Mary Louise Martin (1882 – 1927) married in Waverley in 1905 to  William Albert Wright (1879? – 1950?)
    • Thomas William Arthur Wright (1906-1986) ??
    • Ivy Lilian Wright (1909 – 1971) ??
    • Henry “Harry” George Wright (1914 – 1965) ??
    • Frederick Charles Wright  (1919 – 1955)  ??
  • William Henry Martin (1884 – 1942) , carpenter, who married in 1906 in Woonona ( (refer NSW BDM 5786/1906) to Emily Avis Blinkco (b.1887-d.1964), daughter of George Blinkco and his wife Sarah Reeve.  They lived in Thirroul (1932) and but by 1935 they were living at Hopetoun St, Bulli-Woonona, and later with Emily still at Woonona (1949) area
    • Ida Lillian Martin (1906 – )
    • Eveline  Martin (1908 – )
    • Amy I Martin (1910 – )
  • Alice Matilda  May Martin (1888 – 1956) married in 1907 in Waverley to James Henry Crompton – they lived at Fords Rd Thirroul
    • Violet Crompton (1908 – )
    • James Henry Crompton ( 1910- 1974)
  • Campbell Joseph Martin (b.1891 – NSW BDM 39045/1891 – d. 1969 NSW BDM 3285/1965) –  who married in 1921 in Bulli (NSW BDM 15993/1921) to Elspeth May Rutledge (daughter of Archie Rutledge and wife Harriet Thomas).
  • Arthur J Martin ( 1895 – )

There was a J. Martin (Joseph ?) who was part of the 1903 deputation who met with the Minister for Works over the Sherbrooke land resumptions for Cataract Dam – which were then said to affect 22 families and 200o acres of their land.

It also appears that Mary Louise Kimbrey’s younger sister Matilda Alice Kimbrey, married James Martin ( 1860 Appin – 1936) in 1888. James was the son of Joseph and Sarah Martin, and brother of Joseph Martin who married Matilda Alice’s sister Mary Louise Kimbrey.  Joseph and Sarah Martin. Trying to sort out the Kimbrey’s and Martin’s is a bit of a challenge with the reuse of names.James and Matilda Alice Martin lived at Rixons Pass Woonona  from 1914 and onto  the 1930′s. Their children were believed to be  as follows

  • Alfred Kimbrey Martin (1883 – 1952) married Minnie Cooper
    • Queenie H May Martin (1904 – 1907)
    • Samuel James Martin (1906 – 1944)
    • Alfred Oswald Martin (1908 – )
  • James H Martin (1885 – 1910)
  • Harry Martin (1888 – 1968)
  • Mary Martin (1889 – 1960)
  • John Wesley Martin (1891 – 1962)
  • William Francis Martin (1893 – 1953)
  • Alice Mildred Martin (1897 – 1978)
  • Ivy Louise Martin (1900 – 1964)

John J Kimbrey (1864-1885) – it is believed that he never married.

Thomas William Kimbrey Jnr (1867-1954) was the youngest of Thomas William Kimbrey and wife Mary Ann Cleveland – Thomas William Jnr known as William married Mary Hannah Millard (1866-1942),  in the 1901 Census they were listed as living in Russell St Woonona, later in Cemetery Road Bulli before their final home in Farrell Rd Bullli. There were six children :

  • Florence Edith “Florrie” Kimbrey (1892-1953) – never married
  • Herbert William Kimbrey, (b 1895 at Bulli – d. 1985 Bulli) who enlisted in WW1 and served on the Western Front in France – WW1 Service Record. He married Irene Todd shortly before departing for WW1 in October 1916 – however she died suddenly less than six months later. Read more of Herbert Kimbrey’s life – Illawarra Remembers 1914 1918 Stories -Herbert Kimbrey.
  • Arthur Thomas Kimbrey (1897 – 1965) married Evelyn Seymour in 1921 in Canterbury
    • William Arthur Kimbrey (- 1970)
  • John Edwin Kimbrey (1900-1929) – never married
  • Vera Maud Kimbrey (1901 – 1944) – never married
  • George Alfred Kimbrey (1904 – 1937), married Alice Taylor – however he died at quite a young age and there were no children of the marriage

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