Martin Family

Joseph Martin (1858 Campbelltown ? -1943 Thirroul) married in 1878 to Mary Louise Kimbrey (1859-1925). Joseph was the son of Joseph and Sarah (“Fanny” ?)  Martin while Mary Louise Martin nee Kimbrey would appear to have been the oldest of the four children of Thomas Kimbrey and Mary Ann Cleveland.

Mary Louise Martin’s Kimbrey siblings were as follows –  sister Matilda A (Alice ?), and brothers John and Thomas William Jnr, known as William. After Thomas Kimbrey’s death in 1869, Mary Ann Kimbrey nee  Cleveland remarried several years later to Henry Reeve Jnr, son of Henry Reeve and his wife Margaret Morgan, one of the pioneer families of Sherbrooke. Mary Ann and her second husband Henry Reeve Jnr are believed to have heard four children, Charles, Francis, Sis and Arthur Allen Reeve – step siblings of the Kimbrey’s. So many interconnections in the Sherbrooke and Northern Illawarra families.

Joseph Martin and wife and Mary Louise Martin nee Kimbrey had  six children :

  • Thomas Charles Martin who married Ada Blinkco, daughter of George Blinkco and his wife Sarah Reeve – Martins were later in Woonona and Fords Rd Thirroul after the resumptions – after Ada’s death Thomas married Gladys Maxwell
  • Mary Louise Martin married Albert Wright
  • William Henry Martin, carpenter, who married in 1906 ( (refer NSW BDM 5786/1906) to Emily Avis Blinkco (b.1887-d.1964), daughter of George Blinkco and his wife Sarah Reeve.  They lived in Thirroul (1932) and but by 1935 they were living at Hopetoun St, Bulli-Woonona, with Emily still at Woonona (1949) area
  • Alice May Martin married James Henry Crompton – they lived at Fords Rd Thirroul
  • Campbell Joseph Martin (b.1891 – NSW BDM 39045/1891 – d. 1969 NSW BDM 3285/1965) –  who married in 1921 (NSW BDM 15993/1921) to Elspeth May Rutledge (daughter of Archie Rutledge and wife Harriet Thomas). Campbell and Elspeth were the parents of Arthur “Woppy” Martin and Lola Callcott nee Martin
  • Arthur J Martin

There was a J. Martin (Joseph ?) as part of the 1903 deputation who met with the Minister for Works over the resumptions – which were then said to affect 22 families and 200o acres of their land.

Joseph and Mary Louise Martin lived at Fords Rd, prior to their deaths, as did their daughter, Alice May Crompton

It also appears that Mary Louise Kimbrey’s younger sister Matilda Alice Kimbrey, married James Martin ( 1861- 1936) in 1888. James was the son of Joseph and Sarah Martin. Trying to sort out the Kimbrey’s and Martin’s is a bit of a challenge with the reuse of the William name in the Kimbrey family, and the Joseph name in the Martin’s – it does get challenging.

James and Matilda Alice Martin lived at Rixons Pass Woonona  from 1914 and onto  the 1930’s.

Lola, daughter of Campbell Joseph and Elspeth May Martin, married Ian McKenzie Callcott in St Augustine’s Bulli – thus also becoming part of the extended HicksMcKenzieJoyCallcott families.


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