Reeve Family

Henry Reeve was born 1822 in Stow Cum Quy Cambridge UK and married Margaret Morgan there in 1841. They left Stowe Cum Quy in Cambridge and emigrated to Australia in 1857 on the “Alfred” with four of their children – two other children Elizabeth (1841-1842) and Frances (1850- 1852) had died in England.

According to Valerie Reeve, wife of  Henry Reeve’s grandson Richard Reeve, the family initially farmed at Wollongong. Later, Henry lived at Bulli Mountain (later Sherbrooke) with his wife Margaret Morgan in 1872 according to Grevilles 1872 Postal Directory. He was there until his death there on 9.7.1887, according to the Illawarra Family History Group’s Illawarra Pioneers Pre 1900.

Henry Reeve was also described in the IFHG Pre 1900 book : “Could not read or write on arrival. The family was one of the original 15/16 families who pioneered the fruit and vegetable farming at Sherbrooke, so named after Robert Lowe, later Lord Sherbrooke.

Henry Margaret Reeve

Henry Margaret Reeve

Henry and Sarah’s children who lived in Australia were :

  • Sarah (1842- 1921) – married George Blinkco and they lived at Sherbrooke, raising their children there, including William Blinkco who is featured at the Black Diamond Heritage Centre Bulli with its “Blinkco Room.  After George’s death, Sarah who continued to manage their family property at Sherbrooke until its eventual sale to the Sydney Water Board for siting of the Cataract Dam. Purchased new land at Woonona. – IFHG – Illawarra Pioneers Pre 1900. See also the 2007 – Blinkco – Reeve Family Reunion.
  • Henry Jnr (1845 – 1927) – Married a widow Mary Kimbrey nee Cleveland in 1871 ? He lived in Sherbrooke in 1872, but in 1890 was down the mountain at Bulli, although still listed as a landowner at Sherbrooke at the time of the resumption. Note – Two of Mary’s grandsons (William H Martin and Thomas C Martin),  by her first marriage to Thomas Kimbrey,  married two of George and Sarah Blinkco’s daughters – typical of the interconnectedness of Sherbrooke families.
  • John (1848 – 1922) – lived at Sherbrooke after his 1875 marriage to Grace Johnson, and their seven children were born there, including Richard Reeve, whose memories were written by wife Valerie, in Westie Hapgood’s “Deep Valleys, Tall Timbers, Tough Men and Women”. After the Cataract Dam resumption,he bought land at Woonona, and planted new orchards thereSee family history details supplied courtesy of Gug Reeve. William (1854 – 1933), lived at Sherbrooke and moved to Woonona after the resumption – obituary from South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus via Trove. He is buried with his parents at St Augustine’s Bulli Cemetery, where his family had been active to its earliest fundraising days in the 1870’s.

In Australia two more children were born

  • Elizabeth (1858-1938) – married Robert Spinks and they lived at Sherbrooke, also  their descendants including Spinks and Jones families lived at Sherbrooke – one William H Spinks became a well respected chief Fruit Inspector. An Edward Spinks is recorded as living on Bulli Mountain  in 1866. In 1886, Robert Spinks was selling a property at Sherbrooke.
  • Mary Jane (1862- 1940) – married Edwin Lane (possibly a miner at Old Bulli in 1900 ?)

Henry and Margaret Reeve’s descendants, Reeve, Blinkco, Spinks, Fritz, Haberley – were active in the life of Sherbrooke before the 1902 announcement of its proposed resumption for Cataract Dam.

Sherbrooke at time of resumption - Lots 128, 129, 150, 151, 157

Sherbrooke at time of resumption

As can be seen from the Sherbrooke Resumption map above, the Reeve family owned a number of lots in 1902, including 117, 131, 139, 147. Note how the land resumption stretches from above southern Thirroul to the Broker’s Nose area above Corrimal.


Note – there was also a Reeves family in the Northern Illawarra area. We are trying to connect up how they are related to the Henry Reeve & Margaret Reeve (nee Morgan) family of Sherbrooke – any assistance in identifying the connection or pointing out any errors would be appreciated – in order to add to our knowledge of the Sherbrooke families as part of our One Place Study.

Reeves – Organ Family  – believed to be as follows – 

Thomas Reeves (1830-1898) m Charlotte Lever  (1827-1915)- m 1851 Wiltshire Eng. They arrived on the  Java in 1853  – which is a little earlier than Henry Reeve and wife Margaret Morgan who arrived in 1857 on the Java (see above).

  • Henry Reeves  (1854-1909 Newtown)    m 1878 in Goulburn  to  Louisa Ann George  (1861-1938)
    • Lau(w)rence “Henry” Reeves m 1907 at Wollongong to Amelia E Organ (They lived Thirroul, Bellambi, Towradgi, Primbee and both are buried at Bulli General Cemetery)                                         
      • Mary Ann A Reeves m 1928 in Corrimal   Alexander Sangster                                   
        • Daughter married Son of Edward and Sylvia Chapman (see below)                                                                                  

  James Chapman  m 1884 in Wollongong to  Elizabeth Campbell 

  • Edward Chapman   m 1922 in Canterbury to   Sylvia Mant, daughter of  Henry Mant and  Gertrude Toogood  who were married in 1896  in Sydney
    •  Son married Daughter of Mary Ann A and Alexander Sangster (see above)

Note – Amelia Elizabeth Reeves nee Organ (1884 Sydney  – ) was daughter of Elias Organ and wife Ellen Graham

Elias Organ (1854- ) was son of Henry  Organ and wife Sarah Hurt


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