Reeves – Organ – Mant Family Network

There was also a Reeves family in the Northern Illawarra Woonona Bulli area. We have been trying to determine any of their connections with families who lived in Sherbrooke/Bulli Mountain, and also how they might be connected to the Henry Reeve & Margaret Morgan family of Sherbrooke, who originated from Stowe cum Cuy in Cambridgeshire England.

Reeves – Organ – Mant Family  – believed to be as follows –

Thomas Reeves (1830 Ludgershall, Wiltshire England -1898 Albury NSW Australia) married in  1851 in Wiltshire England to  Charlotte Lever  (1827-1915) .

Ludgershall Wiltshire England

The Reeves family from Ludgershall, Wiltshire, England, arrived on the East Indiaman sailing ship  Java” in 1853 – click here for image & story of the “Java”.

IMAUS1787_081406-0648 Thomas Reeves Java 1853.jpg


NB. Their arrival  was a little earlier than Sherbrooke pioneers, Henry Reeve and his wife Margaret Morgan,  who arrived in 1857 on the “Alfred”.

By 1867, Thomas and Charlotte Reeves were living in Goulburn.

  • Henry Reeves  (1854 Camden -1909 Newtown)  was married in  1878 in Goulburn  to  Louisa Ann George  (1861 Queanbeyan -1938 Paddington NSW Australia).
    • Lau(w)rence “Henry” Reeves (b. 1879 Goulburn – 1959 Wollongong) married in  1907 at Wollongong to Amelia E Organ (b. 1884 Sydney  – 1980 Wollongong), a daughter of Elias Organ  (b. 1854 Wollongong –  d. 1931 Wollongong)  and wife Ellen Graham (b.1859 Maitland – d. 1940 Marrickville). Lawrence and Amelia lived Thirroul, Bellambi, Towradgi, Primbee and both are buried at Bulli General Cemetery). Note – Elias Organwas a son of Illawarra pioneer Henry  Organ and wife Sarah Hurt
      • Mary Ann A Reeves (b. 1908 Wollongong – ) married in 1928 in Corrimal  to Alexander Sangster (b. 1902 Woonona – d. 1976 NSW)
        • Their daughter Dawn Marie Sangster married Maurice James Chapman, a son of Edward Theodore and Sylvia Elizabeth Chapman (see below).

  • James Chapman  (b. 1873 – d. 1948 Casino ) married to  Maude Ethel Peterson (1878 – 1938)
    • Edward Theodore Chapman (b.1899 Chippendale – d. 1945 West Maitland), a carpenter,  son of James & Maud Ethel Chapman,  married in  1922 in Canterbury to Sylvia Elizabeth Mant (see below). Sylvia was a daughter of  Bulli pioneers, English born Henry Mant & Edith Millington. (There was a divorce sought  by Sylvia about 1934, and later Sylvia remarried to Hans Notman).
      •  Maurice James Chapman married Dawn Marie Sangster, daughter of Mary Ann A and Alexander Sangster (see above).
      • Daughter Chapman
        • Daughter

  • Henry Mant & Edith Millington
    • Henry F J Mant Jnr (b. 1897 Wick Sussex England – d. 1946 NSW Australia) married Jessie Curtis
      • Curtis Mant
      • Edward Charles Mant
      • Raymond Mant
      • Betty Edith Mant married Bernard Thomas Whalan
    • Edith Mant (b. 1898 Wick Sussex England – d. ) married Alfred Narbeth
      • Jean Sylvia Narbeth
      • Cecil Eric Narbeth
      • Bessie May Narbeth
    • Charles W R Mant (b. 1900 Wick Sussex England – d. 1965 Wollongong) married Ethel Tressider
      • Edith P Mant
    • Sylvia Elizabeth Mant (b. 1905 England – d. 1985 Fairy Meadow) married in  1922 in Canterbury to Edward Theodore Chapman (b.1899 Chippendale – d. 1945 West Maitland) see above. Edward was a carpenter and son of James & Maud Ethel Chapman,  
      •  Maurice James Chapman married Dawn Marie Sangster, daughter of Mary Ann A and Alexander Sangster (see above).
      • Daughter Chapman
        • Daughter

Although we have not yet connected the Reeves family to families who lived in Sherbrooke, there was a Bulli Pass linkvia the Mant family. Clearly the Mant’s in their extended family network, had Bulli Mountain connections, as they ran coaches up Bulli Pass,  – from their premises on the Main Road Bulli near to the Family Hotel (now Heritage Hotel). Initially operating horse drawn transport, they moved to motorised coaches later on – their descendants tell of Henry Mant’s daughter Sylvia driving coaches up the Pass.

Photos below are of the Mant Family from the Black Diamond Districts Heritage Centre collection.


We are still trying to find any connections between the Northern Illawarra Reeve and Reeves families. Any assistance in identifying the connection or pointing out any errors would be appreciated – in order to add to our knowledge of the Sherbrooke – Bulli Mountain families as part of our One Place Study.




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