1. Jones Family

The Jones family of Sherbrooke are from a number of pioneering European families in the Illawarra, and are of convict stock and free immigrants – including Spinks, Carne-Riley,Reeve and of course the timber men, the Jones.

John Spink was transported on the “General Hewitt” in 1814 and later becoming  a farmer. John married another convict Anne Riley nee Carne in 1824, and they  resided in the Illawarra from 1828, after first being in Airds in the Campbelltown area, then from 1841 being in the Jamberoo area.

John Spink and Anne Riley nee Carne had six children,

  • James (married Louisa Fredericks) ,
  • Edward (married Agnes Henry and Anne Howard); Edward Spinks, was involved in Cricket in the northern Illawarra, playing with the sons of other pioneer families, he was also a good runner.
  • Elizabeth (partner to John James Dennis & Eleazaor King),
  • Robert John (married Elizabeth Harrigan),
  • John,  and
  • Sarah.

John and Anne Spink’s second child, Edward Spinks and his wife Agnes Henry had the following children :

  • Sarah,
  • Agnes (marred Thomas Chilby),
  • Elizabeth,
  • Jane,
  • Margaret,
  • William,
  • Edward,
  • Robert married Elizabeth Reeve,
  • Adelaide,
  • Ellinor,
  • Thomas ,
  • Dorcas,
  • Rachel, and
  • Charity.

Robert Spinks’ wife Elizabeth Reeve, was the daughter of Sherbrooke pioneers, Henry Reeve and  Margaret Morgan. The Spinks were active in the Sherbrooke community.

One of  Robert Spinks and Elizabeth Reeve’s sons was William H Spinks who became a senior  Agricultural Inspector of Fruit – a necessary part of Sherbrooke’s export fruit  history.

Robert Trevis Clifford Jones - his collection of photos inspired this Sherbrooke web site.

Robert Trevis Clifford Jones – his collection of photos inspired this Sherbrooke web site.

William H Spinks’ sister Elizabeth Spinks married Charles Edward Jones, a timber man of Bulli Mountain, who was the son of Charles Jones and Ann Barber.

Charlie and Elizabeth Jones moved down to the main road in Bulli after the Sherbrooke resumptions and it was there that Robert Trevis Clifford Jones was born. It is Robert’s photographic collection that has  inspired the ‘Up and Down Bulli Mountain – Discovering the Lost Village of Sherbrooke” exhibition. Robert Jones left his collection to granddaughter Sandra Jones, who generously loaned them for the exhibition.

The Jones established an orchard at the top of Lachlan St Thirroul, after the Sherbrooke resumptions. And Robert Jones, who had married Ellen “Nelly”  Taylor, had a saw mill around the Bulli Pass area for many years. He also developed an interest in ham radios and photography. He had his own dark room and was able to quite an extensive collection of photos of the Illawarra. Copies of some of his collection were donated to the University of Wollongong Archives.

Photographs of “cedar getting” by the Spinks Family, described as cedar getters from the 1830’s until the early 20th Century.


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