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The Vidler family, originally from Sandhurst Kent England, are generally associated with the Jamberoo – Kiama area and Shoalhaven. At one stage it was suggested that Jamberoo be known as Vidlerville !However there is some suggestion that some of the family were at Sherbrooke., on Bulli Mountain.

William Vidler had emigrated with his second wife Mary Maynard nee Smith on the “Maitland” in 1838. The Vidler’s were probably amongst those who emigrated from Kent and Sussex England, under the 1834 Poor Laws. There were about 1213 such assisted emigrants who left Kent between 1836 – 1847 – many were agricultural labourers and their families. Sussex sent even more : 3914 during the same period – source The English in Australia“.  It had all come about as the English government … “Alarmed at the cost of poor relief in the southern agricultural districts of England (where in many areas it had become a semi-permanent top-up of labourers’ wages – the Allowance SystemRoundsman System, or Speenhamland System), Parliament had set up a Royal Commission into the operation of the Poor Laws. The Commission’s findings, which had probably been predetermined, were that the old system was badly and expensively run. The Commission’s recommendations were based on two principles. The first was less eligibility: conditions within workhouses should be made worse than the worst conditions outside of them so that workhouses served as a deterrent, and only the most needy would consider entering them.” – Source Wikipedia Article

There were concerns about conditions in the Workhouses under the 1834 Poor Law and as the NSW Colony need workers, it seemed an ideal opportunity to “export” the poor to the Antipodes. Bruce Fairhall has written a really interesting article on his own Fairhall family emigrating to Australia in 1838 on the “Maitland“- including a passenger list for the 1838 voyage. The Poor Law was a consequence of the “real suspicion amongst the middle and upper classes that they were paying the poor to be lazy and avoid work.” : Source : UK National Archives 

Also on the “Maitland “were five of  William Vidler’s children of his first marriage to Mary Cooper/Copper :

  • William with wife Harriet Waters & their 10 older children including Samuel Vidler
  • John with second wife Mercy Eilden and two children of his first marriage with Harriet Rousley
  • James with wife Hannah Bovis
  • Edwin with wife Mary Buss
  • Sarah, unmarried – married twice in Australia to Joseph Knight, convict, & Isaac Stott

Later other children of William Vidler & Mary Cooper/Copper emigrated to Australia & joined their Vidler relatives in the Jamberoo – Shoalhaven area :

  • Mary with husband Charles Mummery & their family on the “Lady Nugent” in 1841
  • Stephen with wife Sarah Bovis & their family on the “Fairlie” in 1841
  • Kezia with husband George Steadman on the “Sir Edward Paget” in 1842

A newspaper article from 1933 referred to Vidlers being at Sherbrooke – 1, though further information on their presence in Sherbrooke has so far been fairly scant.

Perhaps the Sherbrooke Vidler connection might be Samuel Vidler and Elizabeth Neathery, and/or their family ? They were recorded as being in Bulli in the mid to late 19th Century ? Also living in Bulli was Sarah, Samuel’s aunt, a daughter of  Stephen Vidler and Sarah Bovis. She had married William James Taylor lived in Bulli and there are descendants still there.

Samuel was a son of William Vidler and Harriet Waters – and William being the eldest son of William Vidler and Mary Copper. Samuel and Elizabeth seem to have been living at Bulli by 1863 when their fourth child, Samuel Charles Vidler was born.


Vidler’s in Northern Illawarra Timeline 

  • 1863 – birth of Samuel Charles Vidler (1863 – 1954) in Bulli to Samuel Vidler & Elizabeth Neathery
  • 1864 – Samuel Vidler participated in a petition to support James Somerville in politics
  • 1864 – Samuel Vidler, Butcher  of Bulli, insolvency proceedings
  • 1865 – birth of Sarah Eleanor Vidler (1865 – 1964) in Bulli to Samuel Vidler & Elizabeth Neathery
  • 1868 – birth of Emmeline Esther Vidler (1868 – 1957) in Bulli to Samuel Vidler & Elizabeth Neathery
  • 1870 – birth of Robert Arthur Vidler (1870 – 1933) in Bulli to Samuel Vidler & Elizabeth Neathery
  • 1871 – Master Henry Vidler performed at the Bulli Primitive Methodist Chapel
  • 1872 – Samuel Vidler listed as Miner in Bulli in Greville’s Postal Directory
  • 1876 – S Vidler and H Vidler contributed to the Employees of Bulli Mine collection for the Alfred Memorial Hospital
  • 1878 – birth of James Joseph Vidler (1878 – 1896) in Bulli to Samuel Vidler & Elizabeth Neathery
  • 1878 – Samuel Vidler seeking tenders for two cottages in Bulli – 1, 2, 3, 4,
  • 1878 – Samuel Vidler, Bulli storekeeper,  moved from grocery & drapery to butchers when he took over the Bulli Cooperative Butchering society
  • 1878 – H Vidler was part of the Black Diamond Cricket team playing the Clifton Cricket team – H Vidler played with Cavill, Spinks, Wales, Farrell and Gahen
  • 1879 – H Vidler was opening batsman in the Independents Cricket team which included Woods, Haberley and Wales against a Clifton side
  • 1879 – Samuel Vidler participated in a petition for local government in the Bulli area
  • 1879 – William Henry Vidler married Dorcas Cadman in Bulli
  • 1880   & 1881 H Vidler played for the Independents Cricket team including Brown brothers, Cavill and Woods against the Cliftonian team
  • 1881 – Alfred Vidler & Hamilton Hicks participated in a foot race at the Bulli Brick Paddock
  • 1881 – John Alfred Vidler, Storekeeper of Clifton, insolvency hearings
  • 1882 – birth of Leonard Vidler to William Henry & Dorcas Vidler in Woonona
  • 1884 – C Hicks was in the Bulli Independent Cricket team against the Cambridge Cricket Club side from Sydney
  • 1884 & 1885 – Alfred Vidler of Coalcliff  & Charles Vidler of Bulli had entered a handicap foot races
  • 1885 – Miss Vidler participated in the Bulli Wildflower Show
  • 1887 – Samuel Vidler freeholder of Bulli signed a petition in regard to incorporation – 1,
  • 1896 – Death of Samuel Vidler’s wife Elizabeth Neathery (1836 – 1896) in Bulli
  • 1902 – Miss Vidler performed a solo item at the Bulli Primitive Methodist Church (now the site of the Bulli Workers Club)
  • 1903 – birth of Kathleen N Vidler to  Robert & Annie Vidler in Woonona
  • 1905 – death of William Vidler (1832 – 1905) in Bulli ?
  • 1910 – Death of Samuel Vidler of Woy Woy, formerly of Bulli, son of William Vidler & Harriet Waters
  • 1910 – Deceased estate sale Main Road Bulli opposite Wesleyan Church next to the Tourist (Denmark) Hotel – part of the property tenanted by Mr J A Rallings Coachbuilder
  • 1912 – death of Sarah Taylor nee Vidler, daughter of William Vidler & first wife Mary Copper/Cooper  in Bulli
  • 1914 – Mr Vidler of Austinmer was President of the Austinmer Progress Association when a formation of a company of Light Horse was proposed
  • 1914 – birth of Thomas J Vidler to Mary J in Bulli
  • 1914 – S J Vidler, Shire President of Bulli Shire Council, opened Austinmer Baths
  • 1916 – death of  Thomas J Vidler son of  Mary J in Bulli
  • 1916 – birth of Frederick J Vidler to Mary J in Bulli
  • 1920 – Death of Mr Henry James Vidler of Blacktown – was he from Bulli ?
  • 1933 – A newspaper article referred to Vidlers being at Sherbrooke –
  • 1947 – Les Vidler of Woonona was injured with fractured skull at Excelsior Colliery in Thirroul
  • 1947 – Alderman  Vidler of North Illawarra Council was elected to the newly amalgamated Wollongong Council
  • 1969 – W A Bayley wrote of Vidler’s Track to Sherbrooke along Throsby’s route

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