Wilson Family

In Scotland : Alexander Wilson and wife Barbara  ( – d. 1890 Fairy Meadow) daughter of Adam – she arrived in NSW Colony about 1874 after living at Dalmellington Ayrshire Scotland

  • James Wilson (b. 1838 Fife Scotland – d. 1892 Sherbrooke) married in 1867 at Woonona to  Elizabeth Letitia Stevenson (b. 1841 Ayrshire Scotland – d. 1931 Stanmore NSW)  (daughter of James Stevenson and Margaret Patrick) and by 1881-82 they were living at Sherbrooke – after Elizabeth was forced to leave Sherbrooke then by 1907 she was living at Haberfield
    • Barbara Wilson b. 1868 Wollongong, Teacher married in 1892 in Woonona to Henry Ernest Fry ( – d. 1955 Rockdale), son of Henry Strange and Elizabeth Fry
      • Gilbert H Fry b. 1893 Woonona
      • Vera E Fry b. 1895 Woonona married in 1918 to Harrie J O’Meara in Waverley
      • Wilfred O Fry b. 1897 Woonona married 1933 in Sydney to Winifred E Standen 
    • James Wilson b. 1869 Wollongong in 1903, ES & A Bank Officer –  married Isabella Brown daughter of James Brown in Lismore
      • Gilbert J Wilson b. 1904 Lismore
      • Jean E Wilson b. 1907 Murwillumbah
      • Isobel H Wilson b. 1908 Lismore
    • Jane Wilson b. 1871 Wollongong d. 1887 Woonona
    • Hugh A Wilson b. 1876 Newcastle married ?
    • Mary M Wilson – d. 1879 Wollongong  married Stanley Smith in 1896 in Orange
    • Sarah Fanny Wilson b. 1880 Wollongong d. 1880
    • Annie Clara E Wilson b. 1881 Woonona  married William George Frost in Petersham in 1907
    • Hazel Robina Wilson b. 1883 Woonona married Arthur E Jackson in Woonona in 1903
    • Lilian Wilson b 1885 Woonona d. 1898 Wollongong
    • Florence M M Wilson b. 1886 married Arthur H Craig in 1908 in Annandale
  • John C Wilson – lived at Fairy Meadow at time of his mother’s 1890 death

Timeline for the Wilson family :

1882 – James Wilson was a a Trustee of the Union Church in Sherbrooke

1885 – Hugh Wilson was a 9 year old student at Sherbrooke School when Mr Middleton was the teacher

1887 – Francis Woodward political candidate attends a meeting where James Wilson is present

1890 – Barbara Wilson daughter of James Wilson, an assistant teacher at Robbinsville School had been ill, so resigned and returned to her parents home in Sherbrooke

1890 – James Wilson’s mother dies, aged 80 years, after living in the Colony for 16 years – she is buried at the Presbyterian Cemetery in Woonona – James’ brother John Wilson of Fairy Meadow is mentioned

1891 – James Wilson plays cricket for the Sherbrooke team against Bulli Cricket Club  – Sherbrooke team also comprises  7 x Brown’s, 2 x Rixon’s and George Wales

1891 – James Wilson is a member of the Sherbrooke Progress Association

1892 – An old and highly-respected resident of Sherbrooke, Mr. James Wilson (father of Mr. J. Wilson, of the E., S., and A. C. Bank, Wollongong) passed away yesterday – Funeral – Will

1892 – Mrs James (Elizabeth Letitia) Wilson, widow, opens a Private Boarding Establishment at Sherbrooke and Bulli Mountain – she advertises several times per week  that it is within one mile of the famous Bulli Pass and continues such advertising through till 1901.

1893 – Mr H Wilson participates in the Sherbrooke Debating Club – which was chaired by Mr Molloy – and is elected Secretary of the Club – debating Lord Clive and the Indian Wars – abolish payment to Members of Parliament – annual banquet attended by Mrs Wilson and Mr H Wilson

1894 – Sherbrooke Debating Club resumes with Mr H Wilson in the Chair – and there is the debate on Free Trade – later there is Republicanism vs the Monarchy – Single Life vs Married Life which is preferred ? – Mr H Wilson is  a regular participant

1894 – Miss Wilson wins prizes at the Bulli Flower Show

1894 – Mrs Wilson has considerably enlarged her Orchard

1895 – Mrs Wilson’s accomodation at Sherbrooke is well supported

1896 – Mr H A Wilson is in a controversy over the Sherbrooke Union Committee

1897 – Miss Wilson attends the Bulli Social at the Oddfellows Hall

1895 – The Wilson’s helped the Wales to re-build their home after the fire

1901 – Advertisement for Glenisla operated by Mrs Wilson at Sherbrooke : “GLENISLA.’ The Sherbrooke Private Boarding Establishment. Accommodation within a mile westward of the Famous Bulli Pass, Look-out. Mountain Air, Unrivalled Scenery, Abundance of Fruit, Milk, Eggs, &., combined with a studious regard for Visitors’ comfort, are the chief attractions. Intending Visitors referred to ex-visitors at Wollongong, Sydney, & , who were delighted with their visits. Trains met by arrangement. Charges moderate. Also Furnished Cottage to let. MRS. J. WILSON, SHERBROOKE.

1903 – Notice of Compulsory Acquisition of land at Sherbrooke for Cataract Dam – including land owned by James Wilson – mention that Mrs Wilson has been at Sherbrooke for 38 years and is part of a deputation to meet Government representatives about the compulsory acquisition – terms of acquisition of Mrs Wilson’s property are being considered – mention that Mrs Wilson has been the Sherbrooke Postmistress for years

1903 – Miss R Wilson of Sherbrooke marries Mr Jackson of Sydney

1903 – Mr James Wilson, accountant of the ES & A Bank in Lismore – whose parents were from Sherbrooke marries Miss Isabella Brown third daughter of Mr James Brown

1904 – Mrs Wilson is selling the furniture of her well known Tourist Resort – and her milker – The Contents of a 11-roomed Boarding House : — Suite, What-nots, Sideboard, Wardrobe, Combinations, Withstands and Ware, Dining, Dressing and Kitchen Tables, Oilcloths, Pictures, Double, J, and Single Half-testers, etc., Chest of Drawers, Austrian and other Chairs, Safes, Dresser, Crockery and Utensils, Tools, etc , etc. HF. COTTERELL,

1905 – Mr J Wilson, formerly of Sherbrooke, son of Mrs Wilson is Manager of the ES & A Bank at Thirroul

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